Destiny 2‘s second week of Trials of the Nine was supposed to be on the map Altar of Flame, however developer Bungie decided to quickly replace Altar of Flame with a new map and mode after an exploit was discovered by players.

While the first Destiny 2 players into Trials of the Nine did play on the Altar of Flame map, the bug was discovered less than two hours after Trials went live and the change was made. Bungie made the announcement via Twitter and changed the map to Eternity as well as the accompanying Countdown mode.

Eternity is the new Trials of the Nine map that debuted with the first weekend of the endgame PvP event.

destiny 2 pvp match start

For those that are curious, the Altar of Flame bug allowed players to glitch out of the map and shoot through walls at other players still in the playable area. Without question, the glitch gave players are unfair advantage but Bungie couldn’t fix things in time. So, rather than let the bug grow into a problem and ruin Trials of the Nine, Bungie made the decision to swap Eternity back and put Altar of Flame on the back burner.

That’s good news, and it bodes well for how quickly Bungie is willing to fix problems with Destiny 2. Similar exploits with maps, even those being used for Trials of Osiris, popped up from time to time in Destiny 1 and Bungie was less quick to fix the issue or even change the map.

However, this also happened on the same week that the Prestige Nightfall was found to have a bug that makes it nearly impossible to complete, yet Bungie has yet to fix or change the Nightfall. There is maintenance planned for early next week, which will hopefully fix many of the ongoing bugs and issues in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.