Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer: New Legends Will Rise

destiny 2 reveal trailer

It’s been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived. Bungie and Activision have released the first official Destiny 2 trailer.

Although not a lot had been said about Destiny 2 since Activision teased the sequel as part of a financial call, several leaks suggested news was right around the corner. However, with the launch of the Age of Triumph also occupying air space, it wasn’t clear when Bungie would finally pull the trigger on its Destiny 2 marketing campaign. Now we know that the team simply wanted to get Age of Triumph out the door before it started looking towards the future.

And that future looks to be a complete reset for players, as the Tower and all Guardians' gear has been destroyed. Yes, the rumors were true, the Cabal have attacked the last city of Earth, and it is up to players new and old to take back their homeland...and unlock a "ton of loot."

Unfortunately, those players who were hoping to get a first look at gameplay will have to wait a bit longer, as this Destiny 2 reveal trailer was comprised entirely of CG footage. What is there, though, is a brief rundown of the situation at large by both Cayde-6 and Zavala. As Zavala more eloquently explains, a Cabal leader named Ghaul has attacked the Tower, laying waste to numerous Guardians and their gear. In essence, this is the empetus for the "full reset" that Bungie teased a few weeks ago; it gives the developer a chance to wipe the slate clean and advance the story at the same time.

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The Destiny 2 trailer also confirms that the title will release on September 8th, as was previously rumored, and there will be a closed beta. Moreover, that PC release that has been discussed for several years is now confirmed. Essentially, everything that was even lightly teased for the sequel has been, at least, casually reference in the trailer, it's just a shame there is no gameplay.

Thankfully, fans won't have to wait too long to see and hear more of Destiny 2 - Bungie promises to discuss the sequel in-depth in the coming weeks and months. May 18th is singled out as a key date to mark on the calendar, but that should only prove to be the beginning. Activision will likely have a huge display for Destiny 2 at E3 and we wouldn't be surprised if that beta followed not long after.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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