Destiny 2 hopes to let players find the fun, stripping away confusion and complexity that may get in the way of the game’s action. In a new video from PlayStation, game director Luke Smith and project lead Mark Noseworthy discuss what letting players find the fun means when it comes to Destiny 2:

The developers have talked about this concept of “unlocking” or “revealing” the fun before. Features like Guided Games will help solo players find groups, and the elimination of going to orbit in between missions should help keep players searching for that fun as well.

But most of all, the developers want to make Destiny 2 more accessible to all players, from Destiny veterans to newcomers to the franchise. Bungie says that idea has pervaded the design of Destiny 2, which leads Smith in the video to talk about the new subclass layout.

destiny 2 dawnblade warlock

Whereas in Destiny 1, players had multiple rows and columns to choose perks from, Destiny 2 presents players with just two paths, with perks that they will unlock within each path. Those four perks in each tree are meant to compliment each other as well as provide a more balanced build for each subclass. But that’s just one way that things are being simplified in Destiny 2.

While not mentioned in this new video, the developers have also discussed an “easy button” that will tell players what they should be doing at any moment in Destiny 2, so they won’t have to guess where they should be spending their time. That was later revealed to be the new Milestones tab, which while it hasn’t been shown, appears to be a daily or weekly checklist to keep players focused on what they can be doing in the game and what rewards they will receive.

Destiny 2 feels more and more like a fresh start for the franchise that will also serve as a entry point for people who never played Destiny 1. There’s no doubt Activision and Bungie are hoping to grow the audience of Destiny with this sequel, which should be helped along by the fact that it is coming to PC for the first in addition to consoles.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.