Fans are now less than 48 hours until the launch of the highly anticipated shooter, Destiny 2. A lot of new information and details have emerged over the past few days including the return of the unique merchant Xur, the first DLC pack highlighting Osiris, and much more. Bungie has also been keeping players in the loop with a series of smaller trailers, highlighting different aspects of the game, from the various characters to new mission content.

One of the new patrol style missions available to Destiny 2 players is called Adventures, which are essentially short, narrative focused optional missions. The latest trailer from Bungie introduces a variety of new adventures players can undertake, including testing a theory for Ikora, helping with a research project for someone named Asher, and destroying Taken blights for the AI known as Failsafe.

Adventures take the simple patrol missions from the first game and expand them to not only include lore, but also make each mission feel a little more unique. Obviously, the big draw for doing these side activities is the promise of loot. The trailer shows a player giving a special EDZ Engram to NPC Devrim Kay after completing a mission, and earning a variety of loot from it including a special Dead Zone foliage shader, chest armor, and a helmet.

Though the set up of having four worlds to explore may be familiar for veteran Destiny players, Bungie has made a number of improvements to the formula. Not only has the studio given more meaningful things to do while exploring each world, but Bungie has also seemingly delivered a smoother experience thanks to enhancements to the design of these worlds as well. Outside of main missions, players can tackle the aforementioned Adventures, as well as Lost Sector missions, find hidden treasure, hunt down high value targets, and interacting with new NPCs such as Devrim Kay. Needless to say, Bungie is hoping this new content will give players more reasons to stay invested in the game.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version follows on October 24.

Source: PlayStation YouTube