Destiny 2 has no shortage of Easter eggs and secrets for fans to find. But while most of these are designed as a bit of fun (such as this throwback Easter egg of a fan favorite character), fans have now discovered one piece of hidden content that may have huge significance in the game’s lore.

(Light spoilers for Destiny 2‘s campaign follow.)

 When Destiny 2 players complete the game’s story campaign, they are able to enter the Tower social space. The Tower includes a secret room (here is a guide to access it), and players poking around this hidden location have now found a journal belonging to a key character. When the journal on the table is inspected, the Guardian’s Ghost will tell players that it belongs to an “Ana Bray,” but that “pretty much the entire [journal] is redacted”. Despite there being “whole pages missing,” this is still enough for the Ghost to worry about it and remark, “Something about all this seems… wrong.”

Ana Bray is a descendant of Clovis Bray. Clovis was a human who witnessed the Golden Age, and founded an exo-science company. Ana was a Guardian who fought to defend the City during the Collapse, including the Battle of Twilight Gap. It was also during this battle in which Shaxx (now known as Lord Shaxx, who is in charge of the Crucible) launched a counterattack on the Fallen, against the orders Vanguard Commander Saladin Forge. Shaxx’s actions were a huge risk and could have doomed all of the inhabitants of the Tower; which is why he, Saladin, and Commander Zavala aren’t exactly the best of friends.
While this particular nugget of Destiny 2 lore is interesting, fans aren’t sure why Bungie decided to include it here in this way. Fans are already speculating on whether Ana Bray’s story and the events of the Battle of Twilight Gap will somehow factor into the Destiny 2 DLC plans.
Or this could just be a case of Bungie wanting to fill in the gaps in the giant fantasy sci-fi world that it has created. For example, the Leviathan raid also includes backstory and lore information using weapon descriptions, just to clue fans in further on the game’s narrative. Whether Ana Bray’s journal is just another example of Bungie providing extra information or whether it plans to build gameplay content on it is unclear, but fans are certainly excited to find out.
Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.