Destiny 2 will bring back the Striker Titan subclass from Destiny 1, but as with all the classes in the game, it features some new perks as part of the new skill path/tree setup. While there were early rumors that Shoulder Charge may not make it into the Striker’s skillset, it was confirmed before the beta that the ability would return in the form of the perk called Seismic Strike.

Seismic Strike, like Shoulder Charge, activates after sprinting for a short time. However, whereas a Should Charge in Destiny 1 is a one-hit kill in PvP, Destiny 2 has lowered the damage of the ability. While Seismic Strike may appear to longtime fans to be a neutered version of Should Charge, that may not be entirely true.

Although its damage has been nerfed, Seismic Strike now has the ability to spread its damage across multiple targets. A few Destiny 2 beta playerswere able to capture this in action, showcasing its usefulness in both PvE and PvP. First up, here is Seismic Strike decimating a group of Cabal War Beasts.

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And then here is Seismic Strike taking out two enemy players in PvP who are standing close together. But it’s important to mention that the double kill here is a result of both of those players being weak already. As mentioned, Seismic Strike does not do enough damage to take out one full-health Guardian, let alone two.

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The adjustments made to Seismic Strike will hopefully make the Striker and its skill path an attractive choice but while also avoiding the trouble  (due to the lack of a way to counter) the Shoulder Charge caused in the Crucible in Destiny 1. It’s also worth pointing out that the damage numbers in the beta may not be the same in the final version of the game. In fact, Bungie has already said that it has made multiple adjustments to the game, even before the beta came out.

Destiny 2 is set to release September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, then October 24 on PC.

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