Destiny 2 Introduces Three New Character Subclasses


It has been a big day for Destiny fans as Bungie finally pulled the curtain back on the upcoming sequel, Destiny 2. While a leak on NeoGAF a couple hours before the presentation may have spoiled some of the thunder from the presentation, a ton of new information finally arrived. Part of the stream revealed the fact that Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans are making a comeback, though not everything is the same as three new subclasses are also joining the mix.

Players looking for a totally new take on the familiar three classes of Destiny can opt to create a Warlock Dawnblade, a Hunter Arcstrider, or a Titan Sentinel. Each classes was given a bit of screentime during the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, with the Dawnblade calling down what appeared to be some sort of light based fire sword, enabling the player to not only strike down enemies, but launch energy wave projectiles as well. The Arcstrider gives the hunter an electrified staff, while the Sentinel becomes a quasi-Captain America armed with a throwable purple shield.

To accommodate these new additions, three existing classes are not making the cut, which is also part of the reason why current Destiny characters are not able to transfer over. Fans of the Hunter Bladedancer, Titan Defender, or Warlock Sunsinger may be disappointed to find that these classes won't be available in Destiny 2 unlike the remaining six. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet in terms of abilities, expect to see a number of tweaks and changes to each of the original six subclasses coming over from the original game, which should help each one feel fresh for this sequel.

In addition to class changes, Bungie showed off a mission called Homecoming, which essentially lets the player experience the Cabal's Red Legion attack on The Tower. As fans already know that the Tower is lost and the Vanguard scattered, players will be exploring four new locations set on the Jupiter moon of Io, Saturn's moon Titan, a planetary body known as Nessus, and the new Earth location set within the European Dead Zone. Each area is significantly larger and features more things to do such as Lost Sector missions and NPCs who may offer players quests called Adventures.

What do you think of the new subclasses? Are you disappointed that three existing subclasses are not coming back? Share your thoughts below.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 8, with a PC release to follow shortly thereafter.

Source: Bungie – Twitch

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