Destiny 2 Fan Theory Suggests Fallen Will Be Allies

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Casual fans of Destiny's story have experienced the narrative of the game over the past two and half years leading Guardians from an encounter with the Exo Stranger, a trek through the Vault of Glass, the defeat of Crota and his father Oryx, the rise of the Fallen in the Reef, and a final showdown with SIVA in the Plaguelands. But there is a deeper reservoir of narrative found in Destiny's Grimoire, which has left breadcrumbs about what will come in Destiny 2.

The Grimoire allowed fans to predict the Cabal's attack against the Last City, which proved true in the reveal trailers for Destiny 2. Now, a new fan theory says that the Fallen may in fact be allies in Destiny's sequel. Here's the evidence.

Fallen Allies in Destiny 2

It all starts with a new Grimoire added in Age of Triumph known as Ghost Fragment: Fallen 6, which explains that the Fallen are fleeing from Earth. "The Fallen are abandoning the Cosmodrome," it says. It goes on:

"The Fallen Houses are gone. The siege is broken. The stalemate we’ve had with the Eliksni for what, a hundred years? It’s over. We won.

Commander, I’m not even sure they’re flying the banners anymore. The teams found huge mounds of burnt cloth and armor, ceremonial piles, in several of the most hardcore Fallen holdouts.

What’s changed? Where have the Fallen gone? Why have they burned their banners?"

The reason for the Fallen fleeing, as the theory goes, is tied to the Cabal attack on the Last City and the Traveler in Destiny 2. Those familiar with Destiny's Grimoire know that the Fallen were once also graced with the power of the Traveler. Before the Traveler came to Earth and granted humans with the amazing abilities that made them Guardians, the mysterious sphere gave power to the Eliksni (the proper name for the Fallen before the Traveler left their race).

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The Fallen's Relationship with the Traveler

Like Guardians, the Fallen experienced a Golden Age with the Traveler (which they called the Great Machine) as well, but the entity eventually abandoned them during an event they call the Whirlwind. The Fallen then chased after the Traveler and followed it to Earth, which led to the conflict between the Guardians and the Fallen, who are trying in to reclaim the Traveler for themselves in Destiny 1. But this new Grimoire clearly says that the Fallen have given up just before the Cabal's attack.

There's a lot of mystery there, but it's not the first time the Fallen have allied themselves with other races. After Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef, defeated the Fallen she became the Kell (read: leader) of the House of Winter, and the Fallen stayed loyal to her. That is, until the events with Skolas in the House of Wolves DLC.

What Does This Mean for Destiny 2?

Fans know from trailers that Destiny 2 will see the Guardians on the run, fleeing into the solar system to regroup so they can turn around and reclaim Earth back from the Cabal. Aside from whatever allies they may find among the stars, the possibility remains for a reunion with the Fallen, perhaps on friendly terms.

Destiny Fallen Captain

Granted, that allegiance may be short lived, as the Fallen have become a major enemy presence in Destiny lore, but it would also add a new wrinkle to the conflict. If Bungie is planning to shake things up in Destiny 2 then this could be an intriguing place to start.

While the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal on May 18 could shed more light on Destiny 2's story, fans will likely have to wait a little longer to see if this theory pans out. It is an interesting hypothesis, nonetheless.

Destiny 2 is set to launch September 8, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Grimoire from Ishtar Collective

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