Destiny 2: Fan Favorite Exotic Hand Cannon Returning?


During Bungie's livestream for Destiny 2's forthcoming Forsaken DLC, the studio released a ViDoc showcasing all that's coming to the science fiction shooter through the expansion, saying that the add-on has been inspired by certain "western" themes. With this being the case, many have been wondering whether or not the expansion's design style is an indication of the video game developer using the Forsaken DLC as a means to reintroduce the fan-favorite Exotic Hand Cannon known as The Last Word.

Adding to this speculation, a recent claim by the Redditor dubbed "Sharkisyodaddy" infers that The Last Word's "Fan Fire" perk has been added to the Destiny 2 database. What's more is that the weapon's inclusion has potentially been corroborated by a couple of images shared by the Twitter user named "bakenGangsta" showing one of the gun's primary perks along with a description. These can be found below alongside a possible screenshot of The Last Word in the Forsaken DLC ViDoc from the Twitter user "FalloutPlayz".

While a bevy of Guardians would assuredly be excited to learn of The Last Word's return in Destiny 2, it's worth noting that one should take all of the above information with a huge grain of salt. For starters, bakenGangsta's zoomed-in pictures could easily be the products of Photoshop, and FalloutPlayz's image is too grainy to even discern what Hand Cannon it could be, particularly with its color being so dark. Nevertheless, bakenGangsta has also stated that FalloutPlayz's screenshot is depicting "a different color for Last Word and its OG color is gonna be from Eververse."

Bearing all of this in mind, it's really too early to tell if Bungie is indeed planning to resuscitate The Last Word for Destiny 2 fans, especially with the evidence of its existence being incredibly thin at this point in time. The studio has said, though, that the release of its Forsaken DLC will be a "long conversation" until its launch later this year, so perhaps the fan-favorite Exotic Hand Cannon will officially be confirmed along the way.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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