Less than a week ago, news broke regarding retail listings that revealed a possible title and release date for Destiny 2’s second expansion. The rumors indicated that the DLC would be called The Fallen Warmind and would release on the May 8. Now more details from the listings have emerged, hinting at the new content, as well as the story.

Much like the previous leak, the new information comes courtesy of screenshots of GameStop’s page for the DLC. The images show a description of the story for Destiny 2‘s second expansion, concerning the possible disappearance and corruption of the Warmind Rasputin and the return of famous hunter Ana Bray to the Last City. The images also confirm an often rumored journey to Mars as well as a new area called the “Deep Stone Crypt.”

Many fans will be happy to see the return of Rasputin to the Destiny universe, having been absent since the Destiny expansion Rise of Iron. For those who don’t know, Rasputin is the last surviving Warmind, giant AIs across the solar system designed to protect humanity. Rasputin is the Warmind of Earth but has recently regained some access to the other Warminds across the system thanks to the events of Destiny’s vanilla campaign.

Other details are sure to peak fan interest as well. Ana Bray has been mentioned in the games before but has never appeared in person, so many will be awaiting her arrival. The synopsis also promises answers regarding the collapse, the fall of humanity after a long era of prosperity and innovation.

destiny 2 expansion pass dlc art

The question surrounding the expansion now is whether it will all be too little too late. Though Destiny 2 got off to a strong start both critically and commercially, a lack of end game content and an increased focus on microtransactions left many fans disappointed. The game’s first DLC, Curse of Osiris, did little to fix these issues and drove more players away.

That being said Bungie has been taking steps, listening to fans and making changes, even at a slow pace. Many will remember that the first Destiny took several expansions to hit its stride and though fans may have hoped Destiny 2 would be different it seems as though the cycle repeats. With The Fallen Warmind looking to be a make or break moment for Destiny 2, let’s hope players stick around long enough to see if Bungie can pull it off.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Source: Reddit