The Taken King subclasses appear to be returning in Destiny 2, based on new evidence discovered with the lifting of this morning’s European Dead Zone hands-on embargo. Hands-on footage from the press event featured a variety of hints pointing towards the return of the Nightstalker, Stormcaller, and indirectly, the Sunbreaker too. Players won’t have access to these subclasses immediately, however, as they will need to be unlocked individually through gameplay. Which is partly how the new subclasses were discovered.

Speculation about the Taken King subclasses returning in Destiny 2 this morning started with the discovery of some mysterious loot. Warlock and Hunter “Relics” were acquired in-game by opening large reward chests, which was ignored by media, but keyed in on by the Destiny community looking for new information. One of the Relics was accompanied by the following tooltip reading, “This artifact is one of the keys to regaining your lost power. It has been added to your subclass inventory.”

Destiny 2 Taken King Subclasses - Relic

The Hunter’s Relic is of special interest, as it’s named the Fractured Arrow, and its icon is of a purple arrowhead. Nightstalkers will immediately recognize this as referential to the Void subclass’ Super Ability Shadowshot.

From there the rabbit hole only grew deeper. A Reddit user named fuHZion linked a picture showing a quest description for an “Arc Light Stirring” that tasked the player to defeat enemies and partake in Public Events. The reward for this is a “New Subclass” with an Arc symbol next to it.

Another Reddit user, skilledmoro, then linked another photo showing a Warlock using the Arc subclass, complete with a familiar Pulse Grenade icon. It also showed a Super Ability icon different, but similar to Stormtrance. Footage shortly followed of what’s likely the Warlock Storm Grenade in action.

Destiny 2 Taken King Subclasses - Class

The Titan Sunbreaker subclass has been notably absent from today’s information, but is still important to the conversation. In an official Destiny 2 trailer released about a month ago, a brief gameplay shot of the Sunbreaker subclass was shown. This sparked a lot of speculation but was initially dismissed as old footage or some other kind of mistake on Bungie’s part. Today’s new information gives additional credence to that Sunbreaker leak and completes The Taken King subclass trio.

Finally, it should be noted that while the leaks are very heavily indicative of Destiny‘s Taken King subclasses returning in Destiny 2, nothing is yet confirmed. At best, Destiny 2 can now be confirmed to have third subclasses, and that they seem to be the subclasses from Taken King. There’s not enough hard evidence to say those subclasses haven’t been completely reworked into something new. Bungie will likely address the leaks in the days or weeks to come.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, followed by an October 24 release on PC.

Source: Reddit