Following the official reveal trailer for Destiny 2, which was unleashed upon the gaming world a few months back, speculation about the upcoming sequel has been red-hot — particularly regarding what the title will include and how it will fit into the overall Destiny canon. A particular theory about Destiny 2 argues that subclasses from the Taken King DLC will be returning as the sequel’s third subclasses. And while this was conjecture at the time, now, a new video may show previously unseen evidence that proves TTK subclasses are coming to Destiny 2.

The video below comes from YouTube user KackisHD, whose most recent upload appears to provide new proof that each existing Destiny 2 class will actually include another subclass, a third one from the Taken King DLCThese subclasses include the Sunbreaker from Titan, the Nightstalker from Hunter, and Stormcaller from Warlock.

The evidence was brought to KackisHD by a smaller YouTuber named Hackman, and is found in a teaser posted on the Destiny Instagram page. At the beginning of the clip, bits of Destiny 2 footage are flashed in rapid succession, but when slowed down, something interesting is seen: what appears to be a Sunbreaker Titan.

KackisHD argues that the frame is actual gameplay footage of a gamer playing as a Titan and using the Solar subclass — the subclass fans haven’t yet seen in Destiny 2 videos. To bolster this claim, he compares the supposed Sunbreaker Titan against the Sentinel Titan subclass. The two share the same glowing aura, simply in different colors to display the different elements of the varying subclasses.

destiny 2 third subclass taken king evidence

Some may dispute this evidence and KackisHD’s argument, stating that what’s actually shown is a Titan that’s been shot by a Golden Gun, a Hunter Super Ability, or is on fire. KackisHD refutes this by saying that the animation of the Titan don’t support those ideas; the Titan is running up stairs, doesn’t look to be caught in crossfire, and has a right hand up in the air, looking as if a hammer or other subclass ability was just thrown. KackisHD argues that it may be another Titan the one in question is hurdling the flaming ability toward, and ends the video stating that players now have evidence that the third Taken King subclasses are returning to Destiny 2 at launch.

Naturally, fans were supremely interested in KackisHD’s video, and it was later posted on a Destiny forum on Reddit. There, players began their own rounds of speculation and analysis of KackisHD’s claims. Reddit user Doodle705 suggested the footage in question is actually displaying the elemental damage done by the Sunshot hand cannon, and posted a comparison screenshot to provide evidence both confirming and denying that the new footage does show a Sunbreaker Titan.

Destiny 2 taken king third subclass

Doodle705’s damning evidence includes the fact that the Hunter in the new footage is carrying a small orange weapon, which fits the description of the Sunshot cannon that could cause burning animations. Additionally, the Titan is “still in the throw animation, so the hammer couldn’t have gone far yet; it is not visible.”

Evidence that supports the Sunbreaker Titan claim include the “inexplicable” third-person perspective, the throwing position the character model appears to be in, the trailing sparks that “imply quick movement as necessary in a throw,” the Titan mark (affectionately referred to as a “butt towel”), and a red-colored explosion in the background that could be that of a hammer.

destiny 2 sunbreaker titan

Others seemed on-board with the speculation that the Taken King subclasses are coming to Destiny 2. One user wrote: “At first I was immediately ready to write that off as a Dawnblade Warlock at an awkward stance, but the more I look at it, the more legitimate it seems. Specifically, the way the shoulders look and the rigidity of the chest piece seems distinctly like plate armor, something that is purely Titan.”

However, some stated that the footage doesn’t have much merit, since “tons of the Destiny 2 footage we’ve been shown is flying around camera” with no explanation. But even that player stated that they believe the character in question is a Solar Titan.

destiny the taken king subclasses returning

Until now, Destiny fans had previously only seen footage of six subclasses for Destiny 2‘s three classes: the remade Striker and the all-new Sentinel for Titan, the remade Voidwalker and all-new Dawnblade for Warlock, and the remade Gunslinger and the all-new Arcstrider for Hunter. These six are also playable in the Destiny 2 beta. If subclasses from the Taken King DLC are included at launch, the playable subclasses would jump from six to nine, giving Destiny players even more freedom for unique gameplay.

On the flip side, the footage here may only be in testing right now and could be removed from the full version of the game. In that case, players may be left with the aforementioned six subclasses in the base game of Destiny 2, with ones from the Taken King DLC being added back in an expansion. The worst-case scenario would be that the Taken King teases won’t lead to anything legitimate and won’t be included in the sequel title at all. It seems that fans will have to wait until Destiny 2 officially launches to learn the outcome.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

Source: YouTube – KackisHD, Reddit