Destiny 2: 5 Things We Learned From the Console Beta

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Destiny 2 is marching towards a launch that is just over a month away, meaning the game has to wrap up soon in order for the Destiny 2 to go gold and start making copies for gamers to buy come September. As the launch version of the game draws to a close, the game's leadership team offered some small pieces of news about Bungie's sci-fi shooter.

In a recent Ask Me Anything-style article hosted by IGN, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith and project lead Mark Noseworthy answered fans’ questions about the game. Here is what they were willing to reveal.

5 Guardians will be silent protagonists

Although Bungie has said it has a renewed commitment to story with Destiny 2, apparently that story will not be told through the words of players' Guardians. They will be completely silent.

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While no words have been heard from the player characters for quite some time, vanilla Destiny did feature Guardians that talked during cutscenes. But for Destiny 2, Bungie looks to be taking the silent protagonist route and letting Guardians be empty vessels for the player.

4 Supers will charge faster

Although players had lots of feedback from the Destiny 2 beta, there was one common issue: supers charge too slow. Thankfully, Bungie has listened to those comments and "made a few changes that will increase Super Regeneration across the game."

As previously reported, prior to the beta even launching (but too late to adjust for the beta itself) a number of PvE buffs had already been made to the game, including making grenades and weapons more powerful against PvE enemies and making ammo more readily available.

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3 No Theater Mode

While Theater Mode was a big hit with Bungie’s last franchise, Halo, the feature will not make it into Destiny 2. There are some niche fans that would be sure to do some amazing things with such a mode (after all, Rooster Teeth got its start making machinima in Halo), but it still remains MIA for the Destiny franchise.

In addition, the sword glitch, which allowed machinima makers to control a character without a gun on screen, was neither confirmed nor denied to still work in Destiny 2. Noseworthy said “a lot of the code and content under the hood” has changed, including swords, so he was unsure if that glitch still works.

2 Multiple sword types

Speaking of swords, Bungie reveals that Destiny 2 will feature "many types" of the melee weapons, but it's not clear exactly what will differentiate them. That could mean different classes of swords or perhaps that they vary aesthetically.

destiny 2 katana sword hunter

Some trailers for the game have already shown off gameplay with some swords that look very different from what was seen in Destiny 1. No doubt there are plenty of routes Bungie could take, and if the goal is to widen the loot pool then sword types should be included in that.

1 Destiny 2 does not have multi-passenger vehicles

It may have been a cool change, but Destiny 2's sparrows will remain single-passenger vehicles. In addition, none of the vehicles in the game will support more than one player. Given that, it's safe to say the tank vehicle in Destiny 2 trailers will be controlled by a single player if it is available for players to drive at all.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 release on PC.

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