Destiny 2: How to Get the Sunset Echoes Emblem for Free

Destiny 2 is a universe rife with heroes, villains, monsters, and a wide breadth of emblems to represent them all. Just today players following Bungie's Weibo Page noticed a special link to a free legendary emblem known as the Sunset Echoes emblem.

Initially given to Destiny 2 Players who attended Madrid Games Week 2019, the Sunset Echoes emblem is a rare and legendary emblem that can now be accessed by all Destiny 2 players via this link. However, the code required to redeem the key is protected by two captchas that have proven challenging for players that aren't familiar with the language they're written in.

Below is a quick guide for navigating through the captchas in order to generate the unique key for the Sunset Echoes emblem in Destiny 2, along with a link to the webpage where Destiny 2 players can redeem the code for the legendary emblem.

Note: After clicking the link, give the page a few seconds. If no captcha pops up, try refreshing.

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Captcha #1

The first captcha should reveal a random image (landscape, plate of food, laptop with robot hands, etc.) in the background, with colored Chinese symbols in the foreground like this. Beneath the image Destiny 2 players will notice a unique sequence of Chinese characters. Simply observe the order these characters are printed in beneath the image, and click the versions of those same characters on the image in the corresponding order.

free destiny 2 emblem

Captcha #2

The second captcha is a puzzle image. Destiny 2 players must select the slider beneath the image, and move it over to fill the missing piece of the picture.

After completing either of the above captchas, the website will generate a unique, one-time-use key. It is worth noting that each IP address will generate a unique key, which means players with VPN access can repeat the steps above for friends if needed. It is considered a noble act among Guardians to share in rare, legendary emblems.


To redeem the code, Destiny 2 players can visit the Destiny 2 Code Redemption Portal, where they'll be prompted to sign into their account or "join up" by creating a profile. Simply follow the self-explanatory steps here until prompted to enter in the key.

Once all of the above steps have been completed, players will now be free to take the Sunset Echoes emblem into the farthest reaches of the galaxy in Destiny 2, complete with the envy of their fellow Guardians.

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