New Destiny 2 Season 9 Activity ‘The Sundial’ Revealed

d2 sundial activity reveal

Bungie just revealed the latest Season 9 activity coming to Destiny 2. It's called "The Sundial," and it will pit guardians against the Cabal once more as a 6-player matchmade activity.

The Sundial will pick up where The Undying Mind strike left off. In the Strike, guardians defeated the titular, Vex boss and changed the course of history.

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Now, the flow of time on Mercury has been destroyed by the Red Legion, an elite Cabal force that used to serve under the self-proclaimed Cabal Emperor, Dominus Ghaul, whom guardians killed at the end of the Red War (Destiny 2's original storyline). The Red Legion seeks to use the time manipulation capabilities discovered with the defeat of The Undying Mind to rewrite their Red War loss, and guardians must prevent them from doing so. This information comes from both Bungie's site and a new trailer.

In order to stop the Red Legion, guardians will need to partner with a new character - one renowned as the greatest titan of all time. This titan built the titular sundial that will allow guardians to travel through time to meet the Red Legion head-on. Initially, this titan planned to use the sundial to revive a fallen comrade of his. The trailer implies that guardians will also carry on this titan's mission, and use the sundial to try and save his fallen comrade.

Season 9: Season of Dawn will not only introduce The Sundial but other content, too. Players can expect to grind out new exotic quests and obtain new exotic weapons. One such weapon is an exotic scout rifle that looks like it can one-shot players in PvP under the right circumstances.

A new artifact will also come with this update, allowing guardians access to something called "The Lantern of Osiris." Osiris is a famous warlock with a lot of ties to Mercury. Since The Sundial event will take place there, an artifact bearing Osiris' name is only fitting. It should give guardians an edge over the Cabal as they are the primary enemies of this update.

A famous map from Destiny 1 will also be making a comeback. In PvP, players will be able to once again battle it out on the Rusted Lands. All of this will launch in Destiny 2 on December 10, so fans only have one more week to wait.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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