Destiny 2: How to Beat the Summoning Ritual Challenge in Last Wish Raid

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Although Bungie didn’t give it much fan fare, the new raid challenges for the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 went live this week. Technically, the challenges were live last week but since no clan could hit rank for and claim the bounty, few actually put effort into trying to complete the challenge.

Summoning Ritual Challenge

This week, the summoning ritual challenge is for the Kalli boss fight in Last Wish, which is the first encounter. It’s fairly simple to accomplish but Destiny 2 players will need to make sure they are slightly higher power level in order to pull everything off.

Under normal circumstances, the raid fireteam must stand on 6 plates that correspond to 6 symbols (three pairs) hanging in the center of the room. These plates will unlock the safe rooms underneath Kalli that protect from her ontological weapon and a team wipe.

destiny 2 kalli boss fight last wish raid

However, if a player stands on an incorrect plate they will summon an ogre in the center of the room with a power level of 580. This was presumably a way for Bungie to punish players for incorrectly completing a mechanic but it is also the key to the summoning ritual challenge.

Defeat the Ogres

In order to complete the summoning ritual challenge at the Kalli boss fight, the fireteam will need to summon three ogres to the center room for each damage phase and then kill them. Ideally, the team will only need to summon the three but if Kalli doesn’t fall in one damage phase then a new trio of ogres are required.

This means that all nine plates need to be activated, 6 correct plates and 3 incorrect ones. The best strategy for this is to split up into three pairs and take a section of the boss arena. One pair will be responsible for the three plates in the back. One will be responsible for the three on the right. And one will be responsible for the three on the left.

After all 9 plates have been activated and the respective knights killed, head to the middle and kill the three ogres. The new Hunter Blade Barrage Super is very useful here but anything strong will get the job done. The Ogres are grouped up and stuck in the middle area so they shouldn’t be too hard to kill.

destiny 2 forsaken blade barrage gunslinger hunter super

Once the ogres are down, complete the Kalli damage phase as normal: do damage, get into a safe room, and then repeat. Like mentioned, if Kalli does not die then return to your section and activate the plates and kill the ogres again.

If everything is done correctly then players should earn a Triumph and clan members with the bounty will gain an extra powerful reward. Next week should be the Shuro Chi challenge so check back here for more info on how to complete that

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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