Players of Destiny 2 will get to choose from three brand-new subclasses, one for each main class: the Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, and Sentinel Titan. However, all the existing subclasses in Destiny 2 have also received an overhaul, ditching the perk rows of Destiny 1 in favor of two build trees per subclass. It’s a change that has been met with many questions, and now Bungie is offering some answers.

Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith says that the sequel is an opportunity to retool the subclasses, making them more active on the battlefield and letting their abilities synergize with other subclasses. Talking specifically about how the new Dawnblade will replace the Sunsinger subclass, Smith says the self-resurrection of the Sunsinger caused problems:

“I think the fantasy of having a super in Destiny is the fantasy of using it, and the Sunsinger encouraged you to not use your super. It encouraged you to sit on it and use it like a one-up when it was time. That also makes things like counterbalance more of a headache than we want it to be.”

Self-res caused multiple issues in Destiny 1 on both the PvE and PvP sides of the game. Just a few examples include how players could “cheese” the Bridge encounter of the Crota’s End raid by exploiting the Sunsinger’s self-res. And Sunsingers introduce a different dynamic when it comes to a competitive game mode like Trials of Osiris, which has caused frustration for players.

destiny 2 arcstrider hunter

In the same way, the Bladedancer’s stealth abilities have created balancing issues in the past, which Smith hopes to avoid with the new Arcstrider subclass. While the fast, offensive super is similar to the Bladedancer’s, Bungie is hoping that the removal of stealth abilities will make the Arcstrider “more fun and fair to fight against.”

And lastly, the Sentinel was changed from the Defender in hopes that, like the Nightstalker Hunter, the Titans would have an “aggressive support” character as Smith calls it. One that doesn’t just drop a Ward of Dawn and sit in the back, but moves through battle bashing enemies with the super’s shield in close combat or by throwing it. However, the Sentinel can still put up a moving wall of defense.

All in all, it goes toward the obvious goal that players stay out in front of the action instead of playing from too far back. In addition to these changes, Destiny 2 adds class abilities that Bungie hopes will be able to play off one another, like the Warlock’s rift and a Titan barricade creating a pseudo-Ward of Dawn.

“There’s true fun to be had with your powers being part of a symphony that you and your fireteam are conducting together,” says Smith. “I think that’s the opportunity on the table for Destiny.”

Destiny 2 will launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox, and October 24 for PC.

Source: PC Gamer