Destiny 2: 5 Strikes Guardians Love (And 5 They Wish Would Disappear)

Destiny 2 had a "rocky start" in terms of content and things to do but fast-forward to late 2019 and the game is bustling with all kinds of evolving and changing activities. Each week, things "reset" and give players an opportunity to gain better gear with better stats. One of the mainstays that Guardians can flock to each week are strikes (at varying difficulties).

Bungie originally launched its sequel with six strikes but has since grown that list to fifteen, with more expected on the horizon. For the most part, these strikes offer a decent challenge, a quick adventure, and decent rewards. Unfortunately, not strikes are created equal, and some of them are way more frustrating than they are entertaining.

With Shadowkeep looming and Bungie gearing up to make some big changes, we take a look at some of the best strikes ever included and a handful that fans likely wish were axed from the game altogether.

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10 They Love: The Arms Dealer

The Arms Dealer is a strike that seems to show up less frequently than others within the Strike Playlist but it's definitely one of the best mini-adventures that Bungie has created so far. It manages to feel "epic" and widescale, with the mission tasking Guardians to infiltrate Firebase Hades in the EDZ. The target is Bracus Zahn, in infamous Cabal weapon and ammunitions dealer that is responsible for supplying many of the armadas scattered throughout the solar system.

Midway through this strike you come face-to-face with the big bad and chase him up to a massive "rooftop arena" for a final showdown that quickly becomes a hectic fight for survival.

9 Wish Would Disappear: A Garden World

There likely isn't a lot of Destiny faithful out there that truly enjoyed the Curse of Osiris expansion. On the list of Destiny 2 DLC we've seen so far, Curse of Osiris is definitely the weakest point. To add insult to injury, it only managed to add two new strikes to the game and one of them is much more frustrating than it is fun.

A Garden World sees a fireteam make their way through the loathed Infinite Forest to track down a massive Cyclops that sits upon a tall spire in a Simulant Past. The end boss can be incredibly annoying (on Nightfall difficulty especially) and the strike definitely feels like it drags on for far too long compared to other adventures.

8 They Love: Warden Of Nothing

One thing all Destiny 2 faithful can agree on is that we all love when Bungie makes callbacks to their original release. Many of us enjoy Destiny 2 but we have fond and loving memories of its predecessor. One of the most exciting things that developers added to the original release was the Prison of Elders, an entertaining new game mode that had Guardians teaming up to battle waves of incarcerated enemies.

The Prison of Elders game mode may be gone in Destiny 2 but the Warden of Nothing strike hits us with a wave of nostalgia, allowing us to revisit the area that so many of us loved in the original Destiny. It's a fun strike and even manages to sneak in a classic round of "defuse the splinter mines" to give us those extra warm and fuzzy feelings.

7 Wish Would Disappear: Savathun's Song

Does anyone actually like Shriekers? On a list of "horrible enemies that need to be deleted from the game," Shriekers are likely listed somewhere near the top. These annoying little "sky rocks" will pepper you with a seemingly endless barrage of heat-seeking bullets and then retreat like a turtle when you poke your head out to fire at them. On harder difficulties, Shriekers can quickly lay waste to an entire fireteam in a matter of seconds.

It's for this reason that many loathe the Savathun's Song strike, considering the final boss is a massive Shrieker that takes much longer to kill and hits like a Mack truck. Pair that with tons of annoying thrall and hard-hitting Knights (as well as a slough through Titan, arguably one of the worst locations) and it's no wonder people dislike this particular adventure.

6 They Love: Will Of The Thousands

The Warmind expansion was actually pretty entertaining. If anything it was a massive step up from the disappointment that was Curse of Osiris. Hanging out with Rasputin again gave us Destiny faithful all a bit of nostalgia and the "Javelin mechanic" was fun to mess around with.

By far the best part of the Warmind expansion though, was Xol. Up to this mission (and its strike variant), we've spent much of our time doing what's necessary to keep the Worm God at bay but our efforts are for naught. Xol makes an appearance and the fight against him is definitely one of the most epic parts of Destiny 2 so far.

5 Wish Would Disappear: Exodus Crash

This was one of the first strikes added to Destiny 2 and it still remains one of the most annoying to this day. The first part of this short-but-frustrating adventure has you running (or driving your sparrow if you can keep it alive) for blue "gates" scattered around the map. This becomes increasingly frustrating (especially on Nightfall) because the enemies in the surrounding area are incredibly painful.

What makes this strike truly frustrating through is the end boss. Thaviks, The Depraved, is an elite Marauder unit for the Fallen and is easily one of the most annoying bosses to ever grace Destiny 2. The arena in which you fight him is terrible, there are enemy units everywhere (including exploding Shanks), and Thaviks himself spends much of the fight phasing in-and-out of invisibility, making it incredibly hard to kill him.

4 They Love: The Inverted Spire

One of the reasons so many people love raids is because they combine all of the mechanics of Destiny 2's gameplay into one big bundle. There are some strikes that manage to achieve this feat but on a much smaller level. The Inverted Spire is one of them.

This Cabal-and-Vex-based mission will have you completing a miniature jumping puzzle, holding out against reinforcements in a specific area, killing marked targets, riding your sparrow across a battlefield, and engaging an end boss in a multi-tiered arena that "changes" with each phase.

3 Wish Would Disappear: The Corrupted

There are likely a few Guardians out there that truly enjoy The Corrupted strike. To those, we have to ask: "what's wrong with you?" In all seriousness though, The Corrupted is one of the most painful strikes to date and even with an increased power level, it's not unusual to see Guardians dropping out and re-joining the strike playlist to roll a different adventure.

The Corrupted is lengthy, filled with Hive and Taken, and features an annoying "catch" mechanic which has you tossing a ball back and forth between friends to break the shield on the final boss. This is easily one of the hardest missions on this list and once you play it, it's easy to understand why people bail so often.

2 They Love: The Pyramidion

Added with the base game, The Pyramidion is a fun romp through a special Vex-covered part of Io. You'll face hordes of enemies, take in some odd but strangely beautiful Vex scenery, dodge your way past an evolving grid of lasers, and finish your adventure by felling a powerful Vex Minotaur at the bottom of a "lake."

It ticks all the right boxes for a "great strike" and is the perfect length.

1 Wish Would Disappear: The Insight Terminus

The Insight Terminus is actually pretty fun (at times and depending on difficulty) and features a rather unique boss in the form of a massive Psion. Unfortunately, the boss mechanic and one particularly brutal Cabal-filled room turns this potentially entertaining strike into a hard-fought victory that culminates in a forced-phase boss fight teeming with an over-abundance of enemies capable of ending a Guardian's life in one hit.

It's definitely not the worst strike but we can't imagine people would complain if it was replaced with something else.

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