Destiny 2 Changes Striker Titan and Gunslinger Hunter Supers

First Major Destiny Update Won't Release Until After February - Hunter gunslinger subclass

Although much of the focus regarding Supers in Destiny 2 will be on the new subclasses for the three main classes, developer Bungie has made a few changes to existing subclasses as well. During our hands-on playthrough we noted two major changes to Titan and Hunter, specifically in the Striker and Gunslinger class.

For Striker Titans in Destiny 2, the "smash" ability has been turned into a roaming super, where the player can unleash multiple Fist of Havocs while the ability is active. They can also shoulder charge players while Fist of Havoc is active, which is similar in animation to the Sunbreaker's Suncharge.

Essentially, instead of a Super whose main use is shutting down other roaming supers, the Fist of Havoc now has versatility as well. This also gives player an opportunity to activate their Super ahead of time, to be primed for attacking an opponent that gets near.


Alongside the Striker Titan, the Gunslinger Hunter has had its super ability, the Golden Gun, tweaked a tiny bit. Now, players get up to 6 shots from the Golden Gun, but with less damage against enemy players. By that we mean a single Golden Gun shot is not all powerful, but will sometimes only weaken a player.

Obviously there will need to be more testing, but it appeared as though a Golden Gun shot could not kill an opponent while in their Super or if they had an overshield. Regular players, however, can be eliminated by the usual single Golden Gun shot.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version does not have a release date.

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