Earlier this week, nearly all of the supers in Destiny 2 got a design pass with most of the changes being buffs rather than nerfs. One of the changes was to the Striker Titan’s Code of the Juggernaut perk tree, which one player has shown can lead to some pretty insane results with the ability to keep the Fist of Havoc super going for nearly four continuous minutes.

Destiny 2 player Esoterickk took the new Code of the Juggernaut Striker Titan into the Heroic version of the Whisper of the Worm mission where enemies are plentiful. This perk tree enables the Striker Titan to recharge its health and super energy upon kills with the Fist of Havoc super. Those pre-existing perks combined with the new change that reduces the energy cost of Fist of Havoc shoulder charge attacks by 83%, and secondly, the change to the Trample perk that triggers the super energy regeneration even faster now, led to Esoterrickk being able to run through nearly the entire Whisper mission on one super.

Esoterickk is able to pop the Fist of Havoc super in the first enemy room of the Whisper mission and then keep it going by shoulder charging all the enemies throughout the next rooms all the way to the boss room. The Synthoceps exotic is also at work here, granting bonus damage and making enemies easier to defeat in groups, although that exotic does nothing to grant extra energy so it is not a necessary component to help sustain the length of the super.

While this is an insane display of what the Code of the Juggernaut Striker Titan can do with these changes, The Whisper mission presents the perfect conditions to show it off, specifically lots of swarming enemies that constantly feed the super and health regeneration perks. So don’t expect to see players keeping Fist of Havoc chaining for this long on a regular basis. However, given the right scenario, like the Dreaming City’s Blind Well, this could certainly be replicated.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Esoterickk