The latest details on Destiny 2, part of a tidal wave of ongoing information shared by Bungie, detail what sounds like the addition of recordings. To be fair, the way it’s described Destiny 2‘s recordings don’t seem like the stereotypical audio logs commonly scattered throughout games, though perhaps those exist as well. In IGN’s hands-on preview of Destiny 2, Destin Legarie mentions coming upon a side-quest, a new open world non-required objective, which tasked him with pursuing several recordings.

Legarie says that the side-quest takes place on Nessus, a Destiny 2 planetoid with a severe Vex infestation. It tasks players with finding several recordings left behind by “early explorers.” Through listening to the recordings players will discover the history of peoples exploring these new frontiers, but also the history of the frontiers themselves. Being a side-quest, it’s unlikely the recordings have any direct consequence on the main story of Destiny 2. Yet through them experiencing the story of Destiny 2 will be that much richer.

Being just one example, it’s unclear whether these recordings will be a common type of story content for players to discover in Destiny 2. It’s not even clear exactly how side-quests populate the world just yet. It is clear that recordings are just one way in which Bungie is improving the storytelling within Destiny 2, a way they’re taking the lore out of Grimoire cards and putting it into the world.

Destiny 2 Story Told Through Recordings - Failsafe

Destiny already has a history of storytelling through audio. There’s very little story within Destiny that isn’t conveyed purely through audio, excepting the grimoire and handful of main storyline cinematics. Whether it’s the Ghost whispering in your ear or all of the Guardian’s friends back at the tower issuing orders, audio is Destiny‘s bread and butter. Destiny 2 does also seem to be adding more visual storytelling, for example Zavala’s in-game presence during an early mission escaping the Tower, but it’s nice to see Bungie evolving on its aural storytelling as well.

Every day seems to bring new details on Destiny 2 regarding Bungie’s efforts to add story into the universe. That is of course one of Bungie’s promises for Destiny 2, but for fans it’s certainly exciting to see (and hear) that promise be delivered upon.

Destiny 2 launches on October September 6 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by a PC release on October 24.

Source: IGN