Activision says that Destiny 2 will deliver when it comes to story, saying that the game’s developer is focusing on creating a memorable cast of characters.

During Activision-Blizzard’s latest earnings call, Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg confirmed that Destiny 2 is still on track for release in late 2017, and said that Destiny 2 will “broaden the franchise’s global reach”. The game is shaping up to definitely be one of the year’s most anticipated titles, as fans are eager to see it surpass the original Destiny to deliver on some of the promises that were made but went unmet in actual released game.

One of those aspects that many fans and critics felt missed the mark in the original release is in the story department. In what is all but confirmed, Destiny‘s story was gutted and rewritten in the game’s last year of development, which led to a disconnected and jumbled mess of characters, story missions, and lore for fans to try to piece together. It was a far cry from the “epic, cinematic story” that adorned the back of the game’s box.

But Hirshberg says that Destiny 2 will feature a “great cinematic story,” which Hirshberg said is “a real focus” for Bungie. He said that story would be full of “a great cast of memorable, relatable characters.”

Queen Mara Sov The Taken King

Those statements appear to back up some small rumors that have surrounded Destiny 2. Job postings on Bungie’s website speak of large and small scale story content, which also appears to jive with more comments from Hirshberg saying that there is a robust plan to continue to release new content regularly well into the lifespan of Destiny‘s sequel.

Speaking of content, fans may have gotten a glimpse of one of the story events that could happen in Destiny 2, sourced from an upcoming Destiny Mega Bloks set, which¬†sets the scene for a Cabal invasion of the Tower. That event has never occurred in Destiny and has led some to believe that it will happen in the game’s sequel.

Despite reports nine months ago that Destiny 2 had been rebooted, its story is likely on track now. Bungie definitely has a rich amount of lore to pull from, as well as numerous story threads that went unanswered over the course of Destiny‘s expansions.

There’s a lot to be hopeful about when it comes to Destiny story. While the franchise’s storytelling struggled through its first year, The Taken King introduced a new focus on story which carried through to the latest expansion, Rise of Iron. With the majority of Bungie working on the sequel at this point, plus a few other Activision developers assisting, the sequel might just deliver where the original failed. But, of course, fans will have to wait until later this year to find out for sure.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to release in late 2017.