The team behind Destiny 2 has promised that the game will offer an epic story that players will be able to follow. And based on early reports, it appears that may indeed be true. The game’s story is said to have a clear momentum and focus that drives players forward in a way that Destiny 1 was never quite able to do.

These new details come from Edge magazine, who played the entirety of Destiny 2‘s story campaign. Some slight spoilers follow.

Those who played the Destiny 2 beta on consoles or saw the opening mission in the game, called Homecoming, will know that the mission ends with the game’s main villain, Dominus Ghaul, capturing the Traveler, stripping the Guardians of their Light, and destroying the Last City. But what happens after that?

After the player’s Guardian is kicked from Ghaul’s command ship, according to Edge, players awake in the European Dead Zone (one of the four new locations in Destiny 2, and the game’s largest) without any weapons or abilities. Without any abilities, even those that may have become completely second nature from playing Destiny 1 such as jumping, players stagger through the environment and traverse a distance with a different perspective.

destiny 2 guardian without light

The story eventually leads to the game’s social space, The Farm. Players meet Suraya Hawthorne, who says that a shard of the Traveler lies in the European Dead Zone. By going to the site of the shard and defeating an enemy force that is also after the shard, players regain their abilities once again.

From there, players go on a mission to regather the Vanguard—Zavala, Cayde, and Ikora—throughout the solar system. It also sounds like players will also meet characters along the way who will appear in The Farm, as that social space expands to give players more vendors and NPCs to interact with.

By all accounts, it does sound like Destiny 2 indeed has a strong narrative arc that will pull players along. Ghaul is also a very well defined villain with a mission of his own, with characters around him including a longtime friend called The Consul. Ghaul’s Red Legion is a clear enemy force whose motivations are clear, and these new details say he has kidnapped one of the Guardian’s very important allies.

Add to it that there are reportedly more than 80 story missions and 50 hours of PvE content in the game, and those who love the world and story of Destiny could be in for a real treat.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Edge (via Destiny Reddit)