There is not a ton of content to go through when it comes to the Destiny 2 beta, and if players are looking to just play through everything once or a handful of times, it won’t take long to be satisfied. But many Destiny fans have taken to exploring as much as they can within what little of Destiny 2 is available

The key area in which to explore is within The Inverted Spire strike, which begins in a public area of the new planet called Nessus. While exploring players have found numerous unique areas and even discovered a type of public event with a new enemy, called the Storm Minotaur.

It’s likely that the encounter with the Storm Minotaur is the first part of a more complex event, side quest, or even a Lost Sector, but for now that’s all players have access to. Eventually players will reach a dead end, but it provides a taste of the more open world, explorable content that Destiny 2 will provide. Here’s how to do it.

Destiny 2 beta hidden location

Find the Hobgoblins and lift

When spawning into The Inverted Spire strike, head to the right toward the small waterfall area where the door to the Lost Sector in the area is located. Close by, a pair of Vex Hobgoblins and a deactivated lift (like the ones that carry players across the gaps in the strike) will spawn. Kill the Hobgoblins to power up the lift and then jump into it.

Keep activating the lifts—quickly

That lift will transport players to another deactivated lift with two Hobgoblins near by. Kill them, activate the lift, and ride it. It will drop players off at one more lift and pair of Hobgoblins. Rinse and repeat. Important note: this needs to be done quickly or else the lifts and enemies will despawn, ending the event.

Back to the start, but with new enemies

Finishing that section will return players back to the start of the loop, but now a new enemy type called Storm Minotaurs will be by the lifts. They will be accompanied by some additional enemies that will need to be taken out as well. Kill them to activate the lifts and do the same loop. The time constraint is still in effect here.

The End?

Completing the full loop again by killing the Storm Minotaurs will just return players to the start without any obvious next step. That’s likely because completing this would kick off an event or may even unlock part of the Lost Sector in the area, but that is not available yet. For now, it’s a fun side activity to see in the Destiny 2 beta.

The Destiny 2 beta early access for those who pre-ordered the game is now live on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The beta opens to everyone starting on Friday, July 21.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 release on PC.

Source: Destiny Reddit