This week, Destiny 2 launched it’s the Dawning holiday event, which brings back the Mayhem game mode and gives a winter sheen to the game world. But while The Dawning was Bungie’s forward facing addition, on the back end it appears the developer may have sown some clues about the game’s next DLC expansion.

Of course, data mines are always hard to confirm without tangible proof, so treat the rumors with a grain of salt. There are elements to the DLC 2 info that align with previous clues, rumors, and hints about the expansion, and others that don’t necessarily make sense. But for those that want to know more about Destiny 2’s next content drop, read on.

According to the data mine, the next Destiny 2 DLC expansion will be called Heralds of Nezarec and will introduce a new destination on Enceladus, the sixth moon of Saturn. Specifically, players will be exploring the Frigid Wastes of Enceladus throughout the DLC’s ten story missions and three new strikes.


The story goes that a ship has crash-landed on Enceladus and two new enemy races, the Frames and the Heralds, have taken control of the Frigid Wastes. It’s unclear who or what these two new races are, but apparently they answer to an entity called Nezarec. To stop Nezarec, the Heralds, and the Frames, players will work with the infamous Gunslinger Hunter Ana Bray and the Warmind Rasputin.

It’s a fairly substantial leak to be sure, but only time will tell how accurate or legitimate it is. We know based on the key art for Destiny 2’s second expansion that it is likely set in a colder environment and the icon of the Warmind is featured. Moreover, clues found in the new Tower in Destiny 2 suggest that Ana Bray has a role to play in the sequel’s ongoing story.

Based purely on those details, the leak seems to fit, but there are elements of the leak that are sure to give players pause about its legitimacy. First and foremost, it’s hard to imagine that Bungie would introduce two new races in DLC 2 if the developer didn’t even introduce one new race for its main content release. It’s possible that Frames and Heralds are simply reskins of existing races (like SIVA or Taken versions of enemies), but the leak suggests these are genuinely new enemies.

destiny 2 expansion pass dlc art

Additionally, the first instance of the leak was removed from its initial post, which is never a good sign. The Internet has preserved the content of the post so players can examine and discuss it but there must be a reason why it was taken down.

There’s enough there to make us want to believe that the leak is accurate, but some elements are harder to believe. Maybe some of the details are legitimate and the others are merely filling in the blanks. Either way, Bungie is unlikely to talk about Destiny 2’s spring DLC until at least February.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.