Destiny 2: How to Farm the Spare Rations Hand Cannon

destiny 2 spare rations

Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter contains a new hand cannon that is growing popular among players called Spare Rations. While there are a couple of sources where the hand cannon can drop, a new farming method for the Legendary hand cannon has been found and looks to be quite effective.

It all revolves around the Reckoning game mode - more specifically, the Tier 3 version of the new mode, which was released this past Friday, March 15th. Players who have completed Tier 3 of the Reckoning have found a noticeably high drop rate for the Spare Rations hand cannon. If it does drop, it will do so at the conclusion of the final boss fight.

There does not appear to be any other requirements or specific actions that players need to take in order to influence the drop rate of the Spare Rations. However, in order to complete Tier 3, players will need to be a minimum of 680 Power, and it is recommended that players should be 690 to make quicker work of the challenges in Tier 3 especially if the goal is to complete it fast and farm the Spare Rations.

The Spare Rations is unique because it is one of the few kinetic 150 RPM hand cannons in the game. Some fans have even gone as far to say it is better than Midnight Coup, perhaps the most popular 150 RPM hand cannon, which comes from the Leviathan raid and has persisted in players' loadouts well into Year 2 because of how good it is. But, the base stats of Spare Rations outclass the Midnight Coup in every area.

destiny 2 reckoning tier 2

While there is a curated roll for the Spare Rations which can be earned in the Gambit Prime mode, the weapon can roll with random perks including Overflow (which can give the hand cannon a 28-round magazine), Rampage, Multikill Clip, and a new perk to this season called Subsistence. Subsistence partially fills the magazine when getting kills, making it so reloading is not necessary, but at the cost of an overall reduction of the weapon's reserve ammo.

Spare Rations can also be earned by playing Destiny 2's new Gambit Prime mode, but it does appear that drop rates are currently very high for the weapon in Reckoning Tier 3.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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