Destiny 2: How to Farm Solstice Key Fragments Easy

solstice of heroes solstice key fragment farm easy

Part of the current Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2 involves collecting Solstice Key Fragments, which can be combined to create a key that unlocks Solstice Packages. While these items can be collected in nearly every activity in the game during the event, there are two ways to collect them that are most effective—one that is most efficient but requires a bit of effort and a second that requires very little effort but is slower.

Nightfall Solstice Key Farm

The first method will see Destiny 2 players collect around 150 Key Fragments per hour, but it will require a fireteam and some effort. While most every activity from Crucible matches, strikes, public events, and even patrols give Key Fragments, the activity that gives the most for a completion is a Nightfall. Completing a Nightfall gives somewhere between 23 to 28 Key Fragments per run.

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If players can form a solid fireteam that is comfortable with speedrunning the Nightfall, it’s possible to complete a run in ten minutes or less. This week, for example, the Tree of Probabilities Nightfall can be easily cleared in just about ten minutes. That means six runs per hour for somewhere between 138 to 168 Key Fragments over the course of an hour of farming.

Players should be sure to use the challenge card to modify the activity to make it easier. It is recommended to adjust the level handicap to make it easier and add a preferred singe that many of the enemies in the Nightfall are not using, while also equipping the Heavyweight modifier for more Power ammo drops. Players should look out for a week where Lake of Shadows is active as the Nightfall, as that Nightfall can be cleared in five minutes or less.

AFK Forge Farming Method

The second method requires absolutely no effort but will take more time to collect Key Fragments. The Black Armory Forges are an activity that also gives out Solstice Key Fragments upon completion, even that completion ends in failure. Just as players discovered not too long ago that this same method could be used to collect materials for the Tribute Hall, this has turned out to also be a viable method for getting Key Fragments as well.

destiny 2 tree of probabilities nightfall solstice key fragment farm

To do this, players should set their Power level as low as possible by equipping their lowest level gear and matchmake into a Black Armory Forge. The Izanami Forge seems to be the most reliable and most popular. Many players are doing this as well, so chances are everyone in the instance will be AFK and wipe pretty quickly, ending the Forge and then matchmaking will automatically reload into another Forge. Because of the short time for the Forge to end before matchmaking again, the game does not recognize if players are idle and the farm continues

These are the two best ways to farm Solstice Key Fragments as players will need to open Solstice Packages to upgrade their Renewed sets of Solstice Armor. Opening Solstice Packages can also grant Legendary gear, Enhancement Cores, and once players have earned the Legendary Solstice Gear, additional versions of this armor can drop with random rolls and enhanced perks.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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