Destiny 2: How to Upgrade Each Solstice of Heroes Armor Piece

Next week, the final live event of Destiny 2's first year will kick off. Called Solstice of Heroes, the event will focus on celebrating Year 1 with reworked harder story missions, Moments of Triumph, and upgradeable event gear. Speaking of the event's gear, it has been revealed exactly what players will have to do to level up and upgrade that gear.

Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes armor will work like this: players will be able to pick up green, Uncommon versions of the armor (called Scorched) and then by grinding out certain tasks, they can upgrade the armor to Rare (Rekindled) and then by doing more, it can finally be upgraded to level 400 Legendary armor (Resplendent). As expected, the tasks required to upgrade to each new tier grow harder (or more grindy) the higher the class of the item.

For example, to upgrade from Uncommon to Rare tasks include completing one of the reworked Solstice of Heroes story missions, defeating Guardians in the Crucible, collecting orbs, and completing patrols. Every piece of armor has the same task across character classes, meaning the Titan helmet, for example, has the exact same upgrade tasks as the Warlock and Hunter helmets. Note that the Resplendent objectives are merely to create Masterwork versions of the armor.

solstice helmet rekindled
solstice gloves rekindled
solstice chest rekindled
solstice boots rekindled
solstice class item rekindled
solstice helmet resplendent
solstice gloves resplendent
solstice chest resplendent
solstice boots resplendent
solstice class item resplendent

Upgrading to Legendary requires harder tasks such as completing a Nightfall, finishing a number of Heroic Strikes, and winning Crucible matches. After that, players can Masterwork their Legendary Solstice of Heroes armor by once again doing even more difficult tasks such as completing a Prestige Raid, or clearing the Prestige Nightfall at or above the bonus threshold, and doing Heroic Strikes with at least on clanmate.

The full list of tasks can be seen on the Destiny The Game subreddit. It's not clear if the progress made on one character will carry across the account to other characters' armor or not. In addition to the Solstice of Heroes armor, players will also be able to earn other gear by completing Triumphs as well as a batch of items from Solstice Engrams that drop from leveling up XP.

Solstice of Heroes begins July 31 and ends August 28, a week before the launch of the Forsaken expansion.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny The Game Reddit

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