Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes Buff Turns Raid Bosses to Dust

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As soon as Bungie announced the Solstice of Heroes elemental buffs for the Destiny 2 activity, many players figured that they would create some new challenges for players in the community. And while the Solstice buffs are making Crucible a little less fun to play, in PvE, teams are finding that the right buff can do crazy things.

As one might expect, Gladd and a few other members of the challenge community found a unique way to combine the Liar’s Handshake glitch, the 1-2 punch perk on shotguns, and the Arc Empowered buff from Solstice of Heroes to do huge damage to raid bosses. In the video below, the Destiny 2 fireteam reduces a number of raid bosses from full health to zero in a matter of seconds.

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Of course, there are going to be questions about how all of this is possible, and it does take a lot of setup. First, players need a shotgun with the 1-2 punch perk that amplifies melee damage for a short period after hitting a target with every pellet from said shotgun.

Then, the Liar’s Handshake hunter exotic comes into play, giving each player even more melee damage. Using a specific glitch, players can make it so the exotic gauntlets’ Cross Counter perk is active on melee hit. To do it, players must use an item (Vex Cranium, Eye of Riven gun, etc.) while the perk is active.

Those two elements, combined with a Tractor Cannon buff, are enough to pack big damage and even kill Riven solo, but the team took things a step further because its Solstice of Heroes. During Arc days, when a player is Arc Empowered (pick up 30 arc elemental orbs) they get even more bonus melee damage.

Putting everything together and a fireteam of 6 can make quick for of a ton of different Destiny 2 raid bosses like Riven, Val Ca’uor, and the war beasts on the Leviathan. The Riven kill is arguably the most impressive because the team is able to take her health down in less than 2 seconds.

Obviously, this is impressive but a lot of setup is necessary to get it right and it needs to be Arc Day during the Solstice of Heroes event. Still, as long as Bungie continues to introduce new mechanics that buff abilities across PvE (and begrudgingly in PvP), players are going to find new ways to exploit them.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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