Destiny 2: When is Solar Week?

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For a while now Destiny 2 players have held strong to a belief that developer Bungie has one more surprise in store before the release of Shadowkeep and the start of Year 3. Much like the game hosted an Arc Week during the Season of the Drifter, the community thinks that a Solar Week is right around the corner.

How Will Solar Week Work?

If Solar Week is to be like Arc Week then players can expect a couple of Solar-focused tweaks in Destiny 2. As the name implies, Solar Week should feature bounties centered around the solar element and solar singe active for every activity. For Arc Week, Mayhem was also active in the Crucible Playlist, so that is a possibility.

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But the biggest component of Arc Week and the hope for Solar Week, is a series of buffs for the supers related to the week’s element. Many of the arc subclass changes that are active now, like bottom-tree Striker being extremely strong, were part of the Arc Week changes. Presumably, Bungie has similar plans for the other solar subclasses in order to bring them in line with the other elements. But while the Arc Week changes were meant to boost the arc supers to a competitive level, there is a general sentiment that some solar supers are overpowered and could use a buff.

Bungie has promised that super damage resistance changes are in the works, but that seems more likely part of the Shadowkeep update. Still, there are some solar supers that are less popular and could do with a few boosts to bring them up while the others, like Dawnblade, might get dropped down.

The Return of Gjallarhorn or Dragon's Breath

While Solar Single, Solar Bounties, and Solar Super changes are sure to be an exciting part of Solar Week, the piece that most Destiny 2 players are focused on is the weapon quest. It was datamined a few months ago that there is a secret quest on the way that would unlock a Solar weapon for players, specifically a rocket launcher. Some assume that this solar rocket launcher is Gjallarhorn, arguably the most iconic exotic weapon from Destiny 1. Others, however, think the more realistic possibility is Dragon’s Breath, an exotic rocket launcher that leaves a mass of Napalm upon detonation.

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Either way, there are clues in the Destiny 2 files that suggest that some form of weapon quest is on the way and so players have begun to draw conclusions on their own. The Thunderlord exotic heavy machine gun was brought back to Destiny 2 during Festival of the Lost, and then it returned again as part of Arc Week. Because of that, players believe that Bungie is following a similar pattern and launching Solar Week with Dragon’s Breath as the coveted reward.

When is Solar Week?

The key difference between Arc Week and the assumed Solar Week is that Bungie put a lot of effort into promoting Arc Week. It appeared on the Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter calendar and was later officially revealed by Bungie. Solar Week, however, is only part of speculation on the part of the community and Bungie has yet to say whether or not it’s a real thing.

On top of that, the Solstice of Heroes event is currently active and occupying Destiny 2 players’ time as well. It has its own mechanics, quest, and the European Aerial Zone activity, so introducing something else at the same time might clash with that idea. Not to mention, an across-the-board Solar Singe modifier might clash with the Elemental Empowered mechanic that exists in the game during Solstice.

Whatever the case may be, there is about a month and a half until Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases on October 1, and in that time players are going to be expecting some sort of surprise. Solar Week could start as early as this Tuesday, or maybe it is being saved for the last few weeks of Year 2. Or maybe it is merely a rumor that never came to be. Destiny 2 has had plenty of those.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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