Destiny 2 Director Defends Forsaken Following Activision Sales Call

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Following some rather disappointed remarks from Activision regarding Destiny 2’s sales performance, one Bungie staff member is standing up to defend the Forsaken expansion. Game Director Luke Smith took to Twitter today to come to the defense of the recent expansion, saying that the members of the development team love the expansion and are not disappointed with the content they produced.

This Tweet comes just days after Activision announced that Destiny 2 was not meeting its sales expectations, specifically in regard to player core engagement. While Forsaken did bring many players back and reinforced the hobby of the game, that apparently was not enough for Activision. However, according to Smith, the Bungie team is proud of what they put out in Forsaken. Smith went on to say that the team will continue to focus on building Destiny for those who love it, which should make many dedicated fans happy.

In the Activision earnings call, COO Coddy Johnson also noted that Activision would push for more “in-game revenue generation” alongside the push for more innovation and new content. This could mean more microtransactions in Destiny 2’s future like the Temporal Surge, which allows players to purchase prior season's emotes. Since the Surge only uses Silver, players would have to spend money to get these long-lost cosmetics. Bungie has also stated that future Temporal Surges may include more than just emotes from previous seasons.

Forsaken is seen by many fans of the series as the high point in Destiny’s lifespan. The expansion made many improvements and changes that appealed to the hobby-focused players, while not necessarily alienating the casual fanbase. From the compelling story to the many mysteries, Forsaken has exceeded many players’ expectations, breathing life back into the game in what many saw as the “make it or break it” moment for the franchise. Judging by Smith’s tweet, it seems that Bungie saw what went right in Forsaken and will be keeping that in mind as they move forward into new content for the game.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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