Destiny 2: Silver Currency Returns for Microtransactions

Destiny Eververse Stall

In case there was any doubt, Destiny 2 will bring back its Silver currency as a way to purchase items in-game. It’s unclear how exactly Silver will be spent in Bungie’s sequel, but microtransactions have become a staple of the series’ business model, and they clearly aren’t going anywhere.

News of the Destiny 2 silver comes from a GameStop posting that lists several bundles of the in-game currency. Players can purchase a bundle of 1,000 Silver (plus 100 bonus Silver) for $10, or they can buy 2,000 Silver (plus 300 bonus Silver) in exchange for $20.

Thus far, the exchange rates for real money and Silver in Destiny 2 appear to be the same as they were in Destiny 1. Players that want to purchase cosmetic items (gear, emotes, etc.) will be able to do so using Silver, but microtransactions vary based on what the player desires. For example, some Destiny events have included random loot boxes, which guaranteed a certain amount of items but nothing specific. Other microtransactions have been simpler, with players able to buy specific emotes they want in exchange for Silver.

Since Destiny 2 has yet to release, it’s anybody’s guess what Silver will be used for this time around. There’s little doubt that emotes will be back in the sequel, so fans can expect to spend some extra money if they want a few of those. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new items in the Eververse inventory to entice players to pick up a Silver bundle.

Destiny Silver Eververse

While microtransactions is always going to be a dirty word in video games, to Bungie’s credit, the studio has done well to make certain items accessible with the right amount of effort. There were a few stumbles along the way, like with the Festival of the Lost rewards, but by the end of the series' lifecycle the situation was much better. Those aforementioned loot boxes were included as rewards for completing specific weekly activities, so players did have a chance to earn the unique items they wanted.

Obviously buying Silver sped up the process, but it felt less necessary the more Bungie gained feedback from players. All things considered, it’s hard to imagine Bungie hasn’t built a similar economy in Destiny 2, where players can work towards the cosmetics they want, or skip right to specific items for a little extra money.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

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