Destiny 2: How to Beat Shuro Chi in the Last Wish Raid

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Now that the Last Wish raid is finally live in Destiny 2, many players are likely still having issues with the first boss, Kallis, and we've compiled a guide for that boss here. The second boss of the raid is Shuro Chi, the Corrupted, and it is certainly no easier than the first.

Upon reaching the First Spire, players will have to face Shuro Chi. The boss's song debuff will quickly appear with a four-minute timer counting down toward the wipe. Players will want to quickly kill the Eye of Riven Knight and get a Taken Essence Orb. Once it's picked up, that Destiny 2 player will become a Taken Knight.

After clearing the other enemies, three crystals will appear near the boss, and players should make the lasers form a triangle. Once this is complete, Shuro Chi's shield will go down. Of course, this is when players will want to start laying into the boss with their full abilities: supers, melting points, tractor beams, everything.

The player who became the Taken Knight will need to keep track of the Taken Essence Anthumbra debuff. If it reaches x10, that player will die; players can avoid this fate by using their super to revert back to their normal state, which also buys some time against the boss's wipe attack. After taking about a 1/6th of the boss' health, it will flee, and players will need to repeat the aforementioned process. It's necessary that a different player take the Taken Knight Essence, or they could run the chance of falling to the debuff.

After taking another sixth of Shuro Chi's health, players will need to run into the room that has the pressure plates. Once inside, players need to jump on the plates to complete the wall images to save the squad from the wipe. Keep in mind that these plates do damage, and players will need to jump on them at the same time. Check out the image below to help identify the pattern:

Repeat this process twice more, and Shuro Chi's song will be reset. After jumping up several platforms, players will continue the fight outside. Of course, at this point, guardians should be well equipped to defeat Shuro Chi and continue onto the next boss. Those who need to continue that power level grind should also check out this guide.

Of course, as players learn more about this ongoing raid, we'll report on any new developments. Right now, while this raid is an exciting experience, it's not without its critics. It has been discovered that the only known way to collect the Third Seed of Light to unlock a new subclass tree is locked behind this raid. That aside, however, many are happily racing to be the first team to defeat Forsaken's raid.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now.

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