Destiny 2 Video Shows Weapon Size Can Boost Damage Range

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Dating back to the years of Destiny 1, there have always been some odd goings-on in the game that are only uncovered after random testing by bored and/or curious community members. It wasn’t until players did a deep dive on XP gains, for example, that they discovered that there was actually a lockout on XP if players earned it too fast.

But while that discovery had a major impact on the game, this latest is a little less significant but still intriguing. Apparently, the barrel length of a shotgun in Destiny 2 will determine the damage range of said weapon.

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In a new video from Destiny 2 content creator FalloutPlays, evidence is presented that shows how a shotgun’s barrel length will influence its effective range. Essentially, the longer the barrel, the further away a player can be and still one hit kill an opponent. FalloutPlays tested a number of shotguns like the Botheration, the Emperor’s Courtesy from the Crown of Sorrow raid, and the Badlands to see how barrel length influenced the damage. And in all instances, the longer barreled shotguns had a larger one hit kill range than the stubbier shotguns, regardless of if they had the same stats and perks.

Perhaps the most interesting finding, though, is that the Chaperone exotic shotgun is actually more effective when the Panama Ravine ornament is on. In FalloutPlays video he shows how the Chaperone without the ornament gets close to killing an opponent from a decent range but cannot finish the job. He then pops on the Panama Ravine ornament and, magically, the Chaperone does extra damage and gets the kill.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the damage difference is pretty negligible in the test and the distance is not enough that it will affect 99% of engagements in Destiny 2. That being said, there are going to be those in the community that cry foul of the fact that an ornament can have any effect on a weapon outside of making it look different. The whole point of Eververse and cosmetics is that they do not impact gameplay, but in the case of the Panama Ravine ornament it has an impact, albeit a small one.

It will be interesting to see how Bungie addresses Fallout Plays’ findings, if at all. Again, the impact is very small and most players won’t notice any difference when running around in Destiny 2’s crucible. But enough will voice their displeasure at the inconstancy, if only because it highlights a flaw in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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