Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Vex Offensive Is Fun While it Lasts

Destiny 2's developer Bungie said many times over the course of the summer as it previewed the Shadowkeep expansion that Destiny 2 cannot keep growing forever. With every expansion and season, the game grows even bigger. To help address that limitation and to lean into Destiny 2's MMO tendencies, Bungie is planning to introduce new modes that are exclusive to each season with the first one being this season's Vex Offensive.

Vex Offensive was released on October 5th alongside the new Garden of Salvation raid (despite theories that the raid itself would kick the new mode into action), and after an introductory Shadowkeep quest, players could jump in right away to the new Vex-focused mode. Vex Offensive is a six-player matchmade arena-type activity that challenges players to take out populous waves of Vex and throws some interesting but simple mechanics in as well.

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The drop rate for loot in this mode is also very generous, considering the history of modes in Destiny 2. There are three main sections to Vex Offensive with each one ending in a chest that players can open. These chests can give armor and weapons, sometimes both at the same time. That means that players can get at least three gear drops per run of Vex Offensive, but it usually ends up being a more.

Plus, players can pick up Data Input quests that can predetermine the weapon players get when completing Vex Offensive, which leads to an additional drop on top of that. It seems that Bungie may have learned their lesson after fans cheesed the loot chest in last season's Menagerie activity for maximum drops.

This all leads to an enjoyable experience, where Vex Offensive is much more than just a horde mode due to players having to deal with some light mechanics taking down Oracles and the final boss's shields. But as fun as the mode is, it's also brand new and players are in a bit of the honeymoon phase. After playing it over the course of the next ten weeks or so during the lifespan of Season of the Undying, players are probably going to get all the rolls they want from the mode, need the activity less for powerful reward, and thus start dropping off the activity naturally.

So, while there may be an initial reaction about content going away (there is a valid point to be made about players spending money to buy the content in Shadowkeep or Season 8 only to see some of that content they paid for getting taken out of the game), Vex Offensive very well may wear out its welcome by December when Destiny 2 Season 9 starts. Bungie did promise that the gear from these seasonal modes will somehow still be available in the game despite the removal of the activity itself, so that addresses one concern about actual gear being taken out of the game.

But we're willing to give Bungie the benefit of the doubt on this one. There's a version of Vex Offensive called "Final Assault" scheduled to launch on November 19th, which is no doubt planned as the mode's big swan song before the seasonal turnover, so it will be interesting to see what Bungie does with that as the developer is focusing on seasons having momentum and world-changing effects. The removal of Vex Offensive for a new unknown seasonal activity in Season 9 is new to Destiny 2 and how Bungie handles Vex Offensive will be telling of the direction of Destiny 2 into the future. But until that happens in December, we've got some farming to do in Vex Offensive.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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