Destiny 2 Plans Big Shadowkeep Reveals, Including Revamped PvP

destiny 2 shadowkeep reveals revamped pvp

As the October 1st launch of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion comes closer, its developer Bungie has big plans over the next few months to reveal more about the upcoming DLC and third year of the game. Bungie is promising "some interesting evolutions for the experience" coming in the next year of Destiny 2, and it looks like there will be plenty to talk about in the months ahead.

First up is a lengthy write-up from Destiny franchise director Luke Smith looking back at the past six months of development since Bungie took full control of the franchise, self-publishing the game from here on out after leaving its publishing partner Activision. Smith tweeted, saying the first part of this blog - which is sitting at 8-pages-long so far - would be posted early next week, with the second comparably-sized part posting sometime later.

Also next week, Bungie will be hosting a live stream to reveal the new Armor 2.0 system during which it will also explain more about the new seasonal Artifact item and how Ornaments will change in Year 3. This live stream will feature developers fully outfitting one of each of the game's classes with the new armor system, which looks to give players more control over their armor's perks.

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After that, more Shadowkeep details are set to be revealed at Gamescom, although there is very little to go on in speculating what Bungie could reveal about Shadowkeep at the trade event held in Germany. Bungie also listed another reveal at some point over the next few months about how seasons will change in Destiny 2 Year 3. Seasons were a little light on content in Year 1 and then, in Year 2, became a major focus alongside the Annual Pass content. Bungie is promising players will now be able to purchase seasons a la carte now that the developer is self-publishing, so it will be interesting to see just how this quarterly refresh will function in the next year of the game.

destiny 2 shadowkeep guardians fireteam pvp

Finally, Bungie is teasing a big PvP reveal for Shadowkeep. That will be welcome news to fans who felt like the Crucible was seriously neglected over the course of Year 2. In the ViDoc that announced Shadowkeep, the PvP team at Bungie teased that it is looking at refreshing the playlists in the Crucible and footage can be spotted on screens behind developers that look to show them playtesting a 3v3 Elimination mode. This could be included in the PvP reveal, but whatever Bungie does reveal, the developer promises that the Crucible will be playable at PAX West, which starts August 30th.

It looks like a busy month or more of reveals for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Be sure to keep it locked here at Game Rant for all the latest Destiny 2 news.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Stadia version is also in development.

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