Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Origins of the Jade Rabbit

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Following the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, players quickly discovered small hidden statues around the lunar surface. The idols appeared to be Jade Rabbit figurines in an astronaut suit and required players to find them an offering similar to the cat statues of The Dreaming City. The secret quest involves finding Tasty Rice Cakes and ultimately provides players with valuable rewards including Phantasmal Cores which eventually lead to the Dreambane Armor set.

This latest Jade Rabbit discovery isn't the first reference Bungie has made to these strange creatures. In fact, the entire Destiny franchise has a long history of using them in a variety of ways including even having an exotic scout rifle named after them. The origins of the Jade Rabbit aren't exclusive or related to the Destiny series in any way, though the two have a lot more in common than many players may realize.

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The Myth

The idea of the Jade Rabbit actually stems from Asian folklore, originally stemming from China during the Warring States period in mid 400 BC. It's a mythological creature who lives on the Moon, typically seen accompanying the goddess Chang'e. Its job is to pound herbs together inside of a mortar and pestle for the immortals to create things like the elixer of life, medicine, and even rice cakes. Naturally, this fact alone explains why Destiny 2 players are feeding Jade Rabbit statues found on the Moon with an item called tasty rice cakes.

destiny 2 rice cakes

It is said that a Jade Emperor once disguised himself as a poor and starving man, begging for food from animals like a monkey, otter, jackal, and rabbit. While the other animals brought back various foods, the rabbit was only able to bring back grass, something which couldn't be offered as food to humans. As such, the rabbit decided to instead offer its own body by jumping into the fire that the disguised Jade Emperor had started. However, the rabbit didn't burn as the now revealed Emperor was instead moved by the sacrifice and sent it to the Moon to become the celebrated and immortal Jade Rabbit.

The legend of the Moon rabbit is quite popular throughout Asian culture and it even has its own holiday celebrations celebrated in many of the countries such as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Destiny Origins

While the Jade Rabbit has been referenced in many games over the years like Smite and the four Broodals from Super Mario Odyssey, Destiny players could get their first taste of this myth once they found their way to Archer's Line at the Moon destination. There, as in all other destinations, players could track down hidden golden chests that could only be opened once and containing things like resources, glimmer, and gear.

On the Moon, players earned a special emblem they could equip with the now iconic Jade Emblem icon on top of a light blue background. As players continued on their Destiny journey, more details and items linked to the Jade Rabbit could be found including an exotic scout rifle.

Daito Weapon Foundry

The Destiny franchise has many fictional corporations that create many of the gear players utilize. These include companies like Veist, Suros, Tex Mechanica, Omolon, and Hakke among others. The Daito corporation remains one of the more mysterious companies as its catalog of gear is significantly smaller than just about all others. Across both Destiny and Destiny 2, the manufacturer is responsible for the rare auto rifle Cydonia-AR1, Twilight Garrison exotic Titan armor, Two-Tailed Fox Rocket Launcher, and the aforementioned Jade Rabbit exotic scout.

destiny 2 two tailed fox exotic

Inside of Destiny 2, players have also discovered a somewhat hidden room inside of the Tower dedicated to this company. Prior to the launch of Shadowkeep, the Daito Room could be accessed by a vent system from the Hangar area. Inside of the room was a scannable journal left behind by Ana Bray, Hunter gunslinger and the current vendor on Mars. This week, however, the room has been essentially sealed off and the normal blue glow has been replaced by a brighter pink. It's currently unknown as to what's going on, but many assume it's linked to the current Jade Rabbit statue discovery on the Moon.

Other References

In addition to the Jade Rabbit emblem from the first Destiny, the myth has been seen in many other places as well.

In keeping with tradition, Destiny 2 introduced its own version of the classic Jade Rabbit emblem. Called Jade Rabbit Redux, this updated banner featured the bunny icon on top of a pink background. It was a rare drop from Cayde-6's treasure map hunts, though it's unclear if it is still attainable considering the fate of the NPC in last year's expansion, Forsaken.

Keeping with the cosmetic theme, Bungie also introduced a rare Ghost Projection of the Jade Rabbit inside of the Forsaken expansion. When equipped, the projection above the Ghost displays the Rabbit icon. It was commonly found inside of Eververse either has a direct purchase or a potential drop from the Prismatic Matrix, which was removed entirely earlier this year.

The most high profile item with this logo is The Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle. Originally a PlayStation exclusive for the first year as part of Destiny, the weapon quickly became very popular which is likely why Bungie wasted no time in bringing it back for all Destiny 2 players. Its main perk is called the Fate of All Fools which chains body shots to give the player bonus damage on the next precision hot. It also returns the ammo to the magazine. It's definitely more of a skill weapon, as it requires the player to be fairly accurate to get the most from it.

The other interesting aspect to this weapon is the lore that comes with it. Reading like a sales pitch from a traveling merchant, the text makes references to the ancient Chinese Jade Rabbit myth, promising the reader combat elixers and immortality.

Outside of the exotic weapon, players have recently found the nine hidden statues around the Moon inside of the Shadowkeep expansion. After feeding them a rice cake, they're sent to a new location near the Sanctuary base camp, which players are calling the new Daito room. It features a massive image of the familiar Jade Rabbit logo on the back wall, in addition to little pedestals for the recovered statues.

Finally, for Guardians who managed to acquire legendary Solstice armor for all three classes over the August event, their prize was the the legendary sparrow called EV-37 Voidstreak. While the ultimate prize was a little underwhelming for a few players considering the amount of work it required, the sparrow had a little Easter egg on it. On the rear panel players could find a small Rabbit icon matching the white, purple and gold color scheme.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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