Destiny 2 New Light: A Beginner's Perspective

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October 1st marked the beginning of a new era for Destiny 2 with the introduction of New Light, which made the base game free-to-play, and the launch of Shadowkeep, the game's fourth major expansion after Forsaken. Bungie's decision to make Destiny 2 free eliminated any barriers for players who are interested in joining the Destiny bandwagon. The best part about Destiny 2: New Light is that it also includes previous campaigns except for last year's Forsaken and the recently released Shadowkeep.

However, from the perspective of a total beginner, is Destiny 2 worth playing? Of course, this all boils down to the player's preferred playstyle. For those who enjoy online first-person shooters, then Destiny 2 is definitely a must-try, especially since the game is now the second best-selling FPS series of all time. But for those who predominantly play single-player games, Destiny 2 may appear overwhelming, especially to those unfamiliar with how the game works as a whole.

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Players who associate themselves with the latter category, it is important to remember that Destiny 2 is an MMO shooter. While the game features story campaigns, the majority of the player's time will revolve around gunplay and building a character with the best weapons, armor, skills, and abilities. In a nutshell, Destiny 2 is not a game played to necessarily progress through a story, but instead, players embark on campaigns, raids, and quests to make the perfect character that is able to take down stronger enemies and handle every challenge the game offers.

So for those who are trying Destiny 2 for the first time, one of the hurdles beginners often encounter is where to start. Destiny 2 features three core classes: Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. Choosing which class to start with depends on the player's preferred playstyle. After creating a character, it is best for players to familiarize themselves with the Director, which is a menu that lays out every planet, moon, and in-game destination, and shows all the quests available. Each location in Destiny 2 will feature events and missions that players can select. However, it is recommended for beginners to start with Destiny 2's main campaign first, in order to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics.

In Destiny 2: New Light, players will have access to three campaigns: The Red War, which is the game's original campaign, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind. The Tower is a location that is accessible via the Director where players can find quest givers. Among the three available campaigns in Destiny 2, it is best to start with The Red War first, given that it is the game's first campaign and provides an introduction to Destiny 2's story.

Another important factor that beginners should familiarize themselves with is Destiny 2's Power. A character's power is represented by a number in the character menu; the higher that number is, the better equipped a character is in embarking on tougher challenges and battling stronger enemies. A character's overall Power is the average of all the equipped weapons and armor that each has its own power ratings. In Destiny 2: New Light, Power now starts at 750, which can be raised up to the soft cap of 900. To increase Power, players grind through quests and other activities in order to find better gear that will raise that important number.

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Once 900 Power is reached, players must now be mindful of the loot they accumulate in the game. Weapons and armor that are classified as Legendary and Exotic must now be the priority over others and players must focus on powerful reward sources to reach the hard cap of 950. Once the player gets the basic mechanic of Destiny 2 through its story campaigns, it is best to hop over to other activities that the game offers. Destiny 2's content is divided between PvE that includes story campaigns, strikes, dungeons and quests, and PvP that sends players to the Crucible where they can get into competitive play with one another.

Players must also remember that each activity in Destiny 2 is associated with a vendor located in the Tower. For those interested in Gambit, players should approach The Drifter, while The Crucible has Lord Shaxx and Strikes have Zavala. Each vendor will provide players with Powerful Gear whenever they complete a number of bounties in a given week and acts as an incentive to keep playing and increase that Power level. Other activities such as The Nightfall and Raids are also available in the game but beginners would want to familiarize themselves with the game's basics first before embarking on these higher-tier activities.

Overall, Destiny 2 might be intimidating at first, especially for those who are more familiar with the style of single-player games. However, from a beginner's perspective, Destiny 2 is actually a really fun game to play given the wealth of content and activities it offers. Sure, there is a steep learning curve that beginners must overcome to truly enjoy the game. Luckily, Destiny 2: New Light offers a generous amount of content for free, allowing newcomers to the franchise to test and judge the game for themselves at no cost.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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