As players have begun reaching the higher levels with their characters in Destiny 2, one of the items they have taken to collecting and using are shaders, which are cosmetic consumables that change the appearance of weapons and armor. But that has brought on new criticism from fans over the fact that shaders have gone from unlimited-use shaders as they functioned in Destiny 1 to single-use consumables in the sequel.

The rage over shaders has reached a fever pitch, seemingly the talk of the day for Destiny fans, and Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith took to Twitter to respond, explaining that there was a very intentional design decision in making shaders single-use items:

Smith assures fans that the drop rate of shaders will be plentiful and come from multiple sources as players reach Character level 20. The complaints from fans likely partly comes from the fact that the game is new and players are just at the beginning of their journey with the game. Smith says they expect players to have a ton of shaders in their inventory by the time they are further into the game.

destiny 2 legendary mod infusion

This has often been the case when it comes to complaints about Destiny in the past. When a new game or expansion drops, the demand and grind to collect materials and items is high, but as time goes on and players settle in with their favorite gear and start earning loot on a more regular basis, they become inundated with items, especially those players who tend to horde loot.

Smith also makes it clear that Bungie wants the shaders, which are exclusive to different destinations and activities in the game, to be an extra driving force to encourage players to be playing more activities on a regular basis. As players polish off the campaign and enter into the endgame stage of Destiny 2, they will need more reasons to come back to the game, with shaders being one of those.

There’s always the option to get shaders inside Bright Engrams either through collecting them naturally in the world or by buying them from Eververse for those who truly want to collect a lot of shaders early on.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.