Destiny 2 will be down for server maintenance on Monday morning/afternoon for at least a few hours, according to developer Bungie. No reason was provided for the maintenance, but given that the game only just released earlier this month it’s likely that the game’s servers need a little more fine-tuning before they are running smoothly.

Like Tuesday’s maintenance last week, today’s Destiny 2 server maintenance will take the game offline for four hours starting at 10am ET/7am PT and concluding at 2pm ET/11am PT. That shouldn’t eat into too many players’ Destiny 2 time since it is in the middle of the workday, but there should be plenty wondering why the servers are down and for how long they will be that way.

Last week’s maintenance also introduced a few tweaks to Destiny 2, namely the addition of clan rosters whereby players can see all of their clan mates in the roster menu. And though that was an important in-game piece of the Destiny 2 clan puzzle there are still some additional features missing, like the ability to create invites for clan mates and a settings menu. Perhaps this maintenance will add those features and give clan members even more ways to interact and group up for raids and Trials of the Nine.

Destiny 2 raid Leviathan beaten by four players

Today’s maintenance could also fix the bug with the Nightfall Strike, which has prevented the Prism modifier from showing which elemental modifier is active. It’s not a major problem, but being able to see which one is active at all times, instead of only when they switch, would be helpful.

Apparently, the bug that is preventing the Prism modifier from working properly breaks something even worse with the Momentum Nightfall Strike modifier, and so Bungie had to swap it out this week. According to the month-long calendar of events for Destiny 2, the modifier is not set to return for at least two weeks so we will have to wait to see what Momentum actually does even if it is fixed.

Ultimately, today’s maintenance is a small inconvenience but it does come on the day before reset, which could throw a wrench into some player’s plans. Those hoping to finally beat the Leviathan raid, for example, might want to be aware that they have a little less time than they think.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases October 24th.