For Destiny 2, Bungie is trying a few different things with its three main classes and their selection of subclasses. Some of those subclasses are returning with tweaks, some are reportedly being removed, and others are being replaced by new subclasses.

Of those new Destiny 2 subclasses, fans have seen the Dawnblade Warlock and the Arcstrider Hunter in action, with the Titan’s new subclass, the Sentinel Titan, lying in wait. Now, however, the Sentinel Titan gets its moment to shine, with a full gameplay reveal and new info on its perks and abilities.

For those that might not be familiar, the Sentinel Titan is the Void-based subclass that will be replacing the Defender subclass. Based on the gameplay footage below, though, it does seem like some of the Defender abilities are being carried over to the Sentinel, even if the Ward of Dawn bubble isn’t.

The Sentinel’s active Super activates a shield on the Titan’s arm, which the player can then use to smash into opponents to deal damage. It’s a lot like the lunge of a Bladedancer Hunter, only with a shield instead of a small knife. Based on early Destiny 2 trailers, we know that the shield can be thrown, but the footage focuses on the up close melee of the Super.

Bungie has also said that the Sentinel will be able to use its Super to lay down a Ward of Dawn-esque bubble, but that was not featured in the gameplay footage. The main focus was on the design and roaming capabilities of the Super while also highlighting the changes to the Control game mode.

The gameplay also shows that the Suppressor Grenade will be returning for Destiny 2, a favorite for its ability to shut down other players’ abilities. It isn’t often that players use Suppressors, but they can be really useful in capable hands.

destiny 2 sentinel titan bubble

Another thing worth noting is how the recharge times on the abilities are static, and not influenced by the player’s actions. In fact, the Sentinel Titan only gets its Super once during the 5-minute clip, even though he/she gets quite a few kills.

Static cooldowns is one of the major changes for Destiny 2 and is sure to change up the way players in PvE and PvP use their abilities. Gone are the days of spamming grenades or getting killed by Supers over and over – replaced by a more balanced approach.

All told, the Sentinel Titan looks to be a flashy subclass from a design standpoint, but it’s unclear how it will rank against the other options available in Destiny 2. Defender was one of, if not the, most useful subclasses in PvE for its player buffs, but the days of huddling under the bubble are seemingly over. Now Titans can run around as Captain America, smashing their shield into any enemy in their path.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

Source: IGN