In the first Destiny, players made their own version of “soccer” by knocking around a purple ball. Bungie has honored the fan-made “feature” by bringing back the purple ball in Destiny 2, but it now seems that there’s more to the ball’s inclusion than meets the eye.

(Light spoilers for Destiny 2‘s campaign follow.)

Once the game’s campaign is complete, Destiny 2 players are able to locate the purple ball in the Tower, and by moving the ball to different locations they can upgrade it. The ball will show up in the same space (on top of some crates) each time a step is completed and the ball is upgraded.

The first step is to move the purple ball to the front right of the Tower in order to upgrade it to a green ball. Next, move the green ball to a stairwell at the front left of the Tower to upgrade it to a black ball. Then, move the black ball to the back left of the Tower to upgrade it to blue ball. And finally, players can move the blue ball to the bridge at the bottom in front of the Tower in order to get the huge Traveler ball upgrade.

The light on the ball will pulsate faster on the ball when it gets closer to the correct upgrade locations. The ball automatically disappears and fireworks will go off when it reaches the upgrade spot, too.

For players who loved knocking about the purple ball in the first Destiny, this is a silly but delightful throwback. Bungie had already included a soccer minigame in Destiny 2‘s social space The Farm, but this additional Easter egg is just the cherry on top. Players will be glad to know that the developer is invested in giving them even more content to make memes and jokes about, as well as giving more little secrets and smaller features for fans to discover.

Positively, the ball upgrade “minigame” is just one of several Easter eggs that players have already located in the new game. The European Dead Zone (EDZ) also has an Easter egg for those who enjoyed the first game, and of course, there is the Paul McCartney reference from the Destiny 2 beta. The quest to locate the next example of Destiny 2 Easter egg silliness is officially on.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. It will release on October 24, 2017 on PC.

Source: Reddit, Mr Cats – YouTube