Now that Destiny 2 is officially live, fans of Bungie’s first-person science fiction shooter franchise are currently doing their best to explore every nook and cranny of the sequel’s game world in order to potentially unearth its myriad hidden treasures and trinkets. Of course, as many surely expected, the game’s social space known as The Farm has its own fair share of secrets, with one pertaining to a scouting patrol.

As seen below in the video from the YouTuber known as MrWilliamThor, Destiny 2 players can begin the secret scouting patrol in The Farm relatively easily. When Guardians go to the fire pit down by the waterfronts, they may be confronted with a prompt that says “Requires Sentry 4” when trying to interact with the campfire. This is just the beginning of the activity, but it’s all a matter of whether or not one wishes to see it through to its end, as there are several steps involved in completing the secret scouting patrol in The Farm.

Travel to The Farm

In order to properly begin this secret little patrol, Destiny 2 players will need to open their respective Director map interfaces and travel to The Farm so as to be near the waterwheel. Upon spawning in the area, climb on top of the waterwheel and walk against its rotation for about five seconds.

Doing so will allow fans to obtain “Sentry 2” and will have them complete the “Wheel Boost” challenge. The following step will involve a light bit of traveling by foot, as the next required destination is nearby.

Climb to the Top of the Main Barn

After completing the “Wheel Boost” challenge, Guardians then need to make their way toward the other side of The Farm through the rooftops in order to reach the highest point in the social space, which is the main barn. The way in which players will achieve this feat is by walking very carefully along the wires strung across each of the buildings so as to not fall off.

Once Guardians ascend to the top of the main barn in The Farm, Destiny 2 players will then have “Sentry 4” unlocked, and will have completed the “Vertigo Boost” challenge. After this is done, fans will need to head back to the aforementioned fire pit to unlock the scouting patrol.


Complete the Scouting Patrol

When in front of the fire pit by The Farm’s waterfronts, activate the Destiny 2 scouting patrol to begin the activity. Much like a time trial, this particular venture consists of running and jumping throughout the social space so as to touch each of the individual glowing auras that successively appear.

Guardians will need to finish the task as quickly as possible, for there is a countdown that only allots a certain amount of time for completion. Should one not do so before time is up, they will then need to go back to the fire pit to restart the scouting patrol again until the task is seen through to the end. Thankfully, it’s not too arduous of an undertaking, as players will have an added boost to jumping and movement to assist in speed and consistency.

Players will know once they have finished The Farm’s scouting patrol upon reaching the docks by the waterfronts, as a few sparkler effects will appear, prompting Guardians to do a little dance or just show off their favorite emote from the game. As of now, however, it’s unclear as to whether or not the completion of the activity will amount to anything other than bragging rights, but even so, it can be used as a neat little competition among friends and players to see who can beat it in the fastest amount of time.

Destiny 2 ARG clue The Farm
Of course, while the secret scouting patrol in The Farm will likely delight loads of fans, there may be some who don’t find the activity enjoyable. Luckily, the Destiny 2 social space offers other things to do, with one being a soccer minigame.

Not to mention, a potential ARG was uncovered in The Farm during Destiny 2‘s beta period that possibly offers clues about the game’s expansion pass content. Should players be diligent enough to tackle such a quest, the possible reward of learning what kind of content is to come could be much more substantial than completing the secret scouting patrol.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it launches on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: MrWilliamThor – YouTube