As fans spend more time with Destiny 2, they have been able to find a number of Easter eggs and other hidden secrets. One of those includes a hidden faction room in one of the game’s social spaces.

(Light spoilers for Destiny 2‘s campaign follow.)

Once players complete the campaign in Destiny 2, they will find themselves in a new social space. The Vanguard and many other vendors will then be relocated from The Farm to the Tower. However, much like how The Farm grows more full as players progress through the campaign, it looks as though the Tower will fill in with some more NPCs as well.

Curiously missing from the current Tower are the factions—Future War Cult, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy. However, a walk around the Tower shows that there are areas set aside for them. There’s also a secret room adorned with a name that has existed in Destiny 1, but was never an actual faction, called Daito. The exotic scout rifle Jade Rabbit was a weapon from the Daito weapon foundry.

The secret Daito room is located in the Hangar of the Tower. Destiny YouTuber MoreConsole has a video showing exactly how to get there:

The room is currently empty, but there are different things to “Investigate” throughout the room. It looks suspiciously like Daito will be a fourth faction with which players can align. In Destiny 1, Daito was a weapon foundry, so perhaps this will be a room for not a faction, but some kind of Gunsmith-type foundry vendor.

As for when players should be looking for that secret room to become occupied, the answer may be later this month – that is, if it is related to a faction. In a monthly calendar that among other things showed the upcoming Trials of the Nine weekends, Bungie also teased something coming on Tuesday, September 26 called Faction Rally.

It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but besides being a fun hidden room to explore, it’s definitely a space to keep an eye on.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: MoreConsole – YouTube