How to Rank Up the Destiny 2 Season Pass Fast

There are many different reasons to level up in Destiny 2 Year 3 but one of the key motivations is the new Season Pass. Like many of the Battle Passes that are out there already, the Destiny 2 Season Pass has 100 tiers and goodies peppered along the path. What’s different is that the Season Pass has two tracks, the free track that is available to any Destiny 2 players and the premium track that is only available to those that paid for that Season’s pass.

Luckily, any who bought Destiny 2: Shadowkeep have access to the premium track of the Season Pass for Season 8. It includes the Eriana’s Vow exotic right out of the gate, some cool armor ornaments further down the line, and boosters for things like XP and catalyst progress.

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But getting through the 100 ranks of the Destiny 2 Season Pass is no easy feat. Players that are smart, though, should be able to rank up the Season Pass very fast, provided they don’t mind a few menial tasks and a fair bit of travel.

Each rank in the Destiny 2 Season Pass is equivalent to 100,000 XP and therefore Destiny 2 players’ main goal is to accrue XP as fast as possible. The key to that is bounties.

After every reset, Destiny 2 players will want to travel around the solar system picking up bounties and completing them. Each bounty is worth about 8,000 XP so each planet has about 24,000 XP to offer, or one-quarter of a rank. Before traveling to each planetary destination, though, make sure to stop off at the Gunsmith and pick up its daily bounties, which typically overlap. They also encourage using different weapons and reward masterwork shards.

Once players are done with that, they can either fire up the Strike Playlist, jump into Crucible, compete in Gambit, look for Nightmares, or travel around the Moon. Each of these vendors has a set of daily bounties available as well as a supply of repeatable bounties.

First, players should pick up the daily bounties because they only cost 250 Glimmer. Then they can choose how many of the repeatable bounties to select. These offer the same XP and sometimes other rewards like Bright Dust, but they also cost 3,000 Glimmer. Bungie did raise the Glimmer cap in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep to 250,000 but a lot of things cost glimmer and get expensive.

Destiny 2 players can focus solely on completing these bounties or they can do them while working on Tier 1 and Tier 2 powerful rewards. In no time, though, players will start to see their Season Rank increase and unlock more cool stuff along the way. Ranking up also unlocks new mods through the Artifact and gives players a bonus to their power level.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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