Destiny 2 Will Get a 'Continuous Calendar of Events' After Season Pass DLC

Destiny 2 events post-launch DLC

Destiny 2 publisher Activision teases an extensive content schedule for the upcoming shooter game. The publisher recently revealed that the game will offer "meaningful" features on PC and that interest in the game is incredibly high.

During its latest quarterly financial briefing, Activision revealed that Destiny 2 will get a “continuous calendar of events following the expansion pass." While the company didn't disclose exactly what these events may entail, it suggests that developer Bungie will have plenty in store for players, in addition to the two confirmed expansion packs which will be available.

Additionally, Activision confirmed that the first of these Destiny 2 expansion packs will be available by winter, while the second of these should be available in spring 2018. For those planning to sink a lot of time into the game, that may not seem like enough to do with the game, but hopefully with events following the release of season pass DLC, there will be enough to do. It should also be noted that the expansions haven't been detailed in their entirety yet, and they may well be incredibly substantial and could be enough to keep fans occupied.

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Fans will have to wait until the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal for more official reveals about the game and its post-launch content, but Activision does make it sound as though Bungie is addressing fan concerns with the second game in the series. One of the key complaints with the first Destiny game is that it felt as though there was a content drought following major DLC drops, leaving some fans bored.

Unfortunately, it's unclear how this calendar of events will be delivered. If it involves smaller DLC or timed events, it may well be available for free, appealing to players who may not want to buy the game's season pass or get stuck into a huge expansion pack. But on the other hand, all of these little, additional content drops could cost, and fans will want to know as much as possible about what these could offer and what they could cost before it puts a lot of faith in Bungie's post-launch plans. Hopefully, Bungie will ensure that all Destiny 2 players, whether they decide to pay for DLC or not, will have access to some new content.

Destiny 2 will launch September 8 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Activision Blizzard

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