Destiny 2 Season 7: When Does Season of Opulence Start?

destiny 2 season 7 release date

Developer Bungie gave some of the first details about Destiny 2's Season 7, Season of Opulence, and when players can expect it to start in its latest blog post. Season of Opulence and its accompanying paid Annual Pass add-on Penumbra will launch on June 4, 2019.

Typically in the past, each new season has begun at the weekly reset, 10 a.m. PDT, so barring any technical issues, Destiny 2 players should expect the same from Season 7. While news of this release date comes before a more detailed reveal of the content coming in Season 7 and Penumbra, there is some confirmed information about what players will be doing in the final season of Year 2.

All players will receive access to a power increase, the Solstice of Heroes event, Iron Banner, and an exotic quest. Those who purchased the Annual Pass will additionally get a new raid, a new 6-player matchmade activity, new weapons and gear, and more that has yet to be revealed. Also newly revealed was the news that Destiny 2's new raid will launch the same day as Season 7, which is a big change for Destiny 2 considering that new raids typically go live at least three days after the launch of a new season or expansion.

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Outside of the content, Bungie has previously detailed some of the changes coming in Season of Opulence, perhaps most notably, a nerf to two of the most powerful weapons in Destiny 2, Crucible pinnacle weapons Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten. Season 7 is also when players can expect a change in how they can obtain Enhancement Cores from new Gunsmith bounties, which will replace Scrapper bounties. However, it's safe to say some players still aren't quite satisfied with this change being an answer to the perceived shortage of sources for Enhancement Cores in the game.

Bungie is likely to reveal much more about Season of Opulence in the coming weeks. And with the date set, as well as the knowledge of the same-day launch of the raid, players can start planning accordingly.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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