Destiny 2 Reveals Season of Dawn Pass Rewards

With Destiny 2's Season of the Undying coming to an imminent end, players now have their eyes steadily fixed on the Season of Dawn, which is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, December 10. In preface of the beginning of Destiny 2's Season of Dawn, Bungie has offered new details on its story, artifact, and game mode, and this information is sure to have many players very excited. Additionally, the developer has revealed the rewards associated with Season of Dawn's Season Pass, and there are some goodies that fans will definitely not want to miss.

First up, the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Pass offers players a brand new exotic scout rifle called Symmetry. It seems that this new exotic will function similarly to Season of the Undying's Eriana's Vow, as it will be granted to those that purchase the premium version of the season pass instantly, while those on the free path will not obtain it until Level 35. It remains to be seen if obtaining the catalyst for Symmetry will be similar to how that was done for Eriana's Vow, but it does appear that the Level 100 Season Pass reward will be an ornament for this new scout rifle.

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Furthermore, it is indicated that Season of Dawn will feature an exotic sidearm and an exotic fusion rifle. While Bungie has not offered names or further details on these two Destiny 2 exotics, images are available, and it is stated that the Season Pass will be required to obtain them.

destiny 2 season of dawn pass rewards
destiny 2 season of dawn pass rewards

With respect to armor in Season of Dawn, an exclusive seasonal armor set will be available to all players, and an image can be seen below. This Season of Dawn armor set will unlock instantly for Season Pass owners, and these players will have access to ornaments as they progress through the Season Pass. For free players, this new Destiny 2 armor will be obtained through seasonal progression, and no ornaments will be available.

destiny 2 season of dawn pass rewards

Regarding the rest of the rewards granted by the Season of Dawn Pass, they are very much in line with what was offered during Season of Undying. This means that Season Pass owners can expect to pickup things like engrams, glimmer, and XP boosts as they advance through the tiers. While these rewards will certainly be appreciated by many fans, the aforementioned guns will be the real prizes of the Season of Dawn Pass, and only time will tell how they stack up against Destiny 2's best weapons.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia.

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Source: Bungie

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