Tess Everis has a new stock of items at the Eververse Store with the launch of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. The expansion brings a new line of cosmetic items available through Illuminated Engrams, the Season 2 version of Bright Engrams.

Eververse’s new inventory is full of ships, ghost shells, emotes, ornaments, shaders, and much much more – including new exotic collectibles. There are six new exotic ships, eight new weapon ornaments, nine new armor ornaments, five exotic ghost shells, three exotic emotes, and three exotic sparrows. Players will earn the Illuminated Engrams every time they level up past the new level cap of 25.

The three exotic emotes available this season are Mic Drop, Broom, and Selfie, which was featured in the most recent Curse of Osiris trailer. Soon players will be able to equip multiple emotes from their collection all at once without having to switch out emotes when they want a specific one. Players will be able to mix-and-match and have four unique emotes equipped with a post-New Year update. 

Some of the exotic weapons getting ornaments are returning exotics from Destiny 1, including the former PlayStation exclusive scout rifle Jade Rabbit and the unique fusion rifle Telesto. The MIDA Multi-Tool and the raid-exotic Legend of Acrius both get new exotic ornaments as well.

Replacing the Optimacy armor set from Destiny 2 Season 1 is the Vex-themed Omega Mechanos armor set, which feels reminiscent of the original Vault of Glass armor sets in Destiny 1. Both the armor and the shaders available in Eververse lean into a very rusty look, making guardians look like the Vex that they take up arms against in Curse of Osiris.

The armor ornaments are for both old and new pieces, including one for the new Titan exotic Khepri’s Horn, the helmet showcased in Bungie’s Exotic teaser trailerThe new exotic ships feature prominent figures in Vex and Osiris history, including Kabr and Saint-14 from Destiny 1. These items fully utilize the lore tab feature in Destiny 2, expanding the rich lore of the famous guardians from The Collapse.

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The new cosmetics are unique and almost worth their exotic rating. Kabr’s ship looks like it was ripped straight from the Vault of Glass back on Venus. The new line of ghost shells have a very odd shape to them, but the designs set them apart from the Season 1 shells. With Bungie adjusting experience gains for in-game activities, players should hopefully be able to get their hands on some of these new items quickly as they tackle the new content in Curse of Osiris. 

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.