Destiny 2: Every Season 7 Eververse Item That Won't Be Sold for Bright Dust

Destiny 2 Season Opulence Key Art

Last month, Destiny 2 dataminers were able to uncover Bungie's planned Eververse stock rotation for the remainder of Season of Opulence, providing images that outlined the full weekly rotation of items that players could purchase with Silver and Bright Dust throughout the season. A new image has now surfaced online that confirms Season 7 includes a number of Eververse items that aren't going to be sold for Bright Dust at all.

After Season 7 of Destiny 2 was extended by an additional two weeks following the delay of Shadowkeep, Redditor JpDeathBlade was able to datamine an updated list of stock for this season and uncovered items that players won't be able to buy for Bright Dust including Ghost Shells, Emotes, Sparrows, Ornaments, and more.

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Each week, Tess has six slots of items that she sells for Destiny 2's in-game currency, Silver, a currency that can only be purchased for real-world money. The first five of these slots include rotated categories of items that change from week to week, with the sixth slot reserved for the "Best of Year One" Engram. Dataminers were able to use the same tactic for the Bright Dust storefront which outlines the items Tess will sell each week in the order they appear in and therefore determine the items she wouldn't sell.

Destiny 2: Every Season 7 Eververse Item That Won't Be Sold for Bright Dust

While not every item is sold for Bright Dust each season, Bright Dust is the only in-game currency that players can both earn through playtime and use to purchase items in the Eververse store. Where previous seasons offered seasonal Engrams upon leveling up that would reward Eververse items from that season at random, Season 7 got rid of the seasonal Engram in favor of the "Best of Year One" Engram.

Season 7 made significant changes to the Eververse and Engram systems compared to previous seasons, meaning that outside of purchasing Silver through microtransactions and real-world money, there's no way to obtain any of these items. More changes to the Eververse are on the way in Shadowkeep, but as it stands right now, players appear to have fewer ways to obtain the items they want outside of spending money on microtransactions.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version currently in development.

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Source: Reddit

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